this tree

Wasn't this weekend amazing?

We had such a lovely, relaxing yet productive day yesterday; the whole family out in the garden all day gardening, trampolining, playing swing ball, picnics on the lawn ... And today, once the homework was done, we ventured out to our favourite park. This tree didn't disappoint.


How did you spend yours?

See you in the week x


the view I grew up with

I was looking at this from my parents' conservatory with my own children just a couple of weeks ago. Thinking how I used to look at it with my mother when I was a child.

As views go, it's a fabulous one, don't you think?

Kate x


life in a box

Question : Think of an item, completely free, that can entertain a couple of children for several hours, thus giving you plenty of time to do your own thing?

Answer : A cardboard box!!

{welcome to Number 70}

Determined to start what can only be described as a mini Spring clean, a newly acquired antique French boutis was finally emptied out of its particularly large box and all ready to be put outside for recycling when it was spied by my little friend. Uh oh, here we go, yet more clutter. So we made a deal. She could keep it till the next collection date and no longer - it's so big, for goodness sake!

So she wasted no time ...

Of course, she was having so much fun that her older brother, Carrot Boy (quantities of favourite food consumed), decided to join in. And the result? I got to do a multitude of chores that had been earmarked for long enough and for several hours - yes it really was HOURS, all was calm.

Carrot Boy achieved some excellent shelf assembly that even Mr Ikea would be proud of and all without needing a single tea break. I expect he'll learn.

This is a rather rustic dwelling, dare I say it. Actually I admit I dare not, since I've been reprimanded too many times for interfering in the name of style and perfection. However, like all good city dwellers there are some things that simply must be included, even in a play house. One burglar alarm, complete with pink box outside, code box inside, plus the threat of a vicious animal should the prospective baddies still be so determined.

Some things are welcome though, the clematis montana provides a cosy home for a little bird who, mercifully, doesn't need to stray too far to feed the chicks.

It was originally to be a house for the toys, but come to think of it, I've yet to see any in it.

Oops, and now you know the alarm code!!

Back to school tomorrow and I shall be sorry to see them go. Not least for the earlier rising in the mornings, nor the inevitable taxi-ing around, but for the fact that the washing's all up straight!!

Meanwhile, my little friend celebrates her 7th birthday on Thursday with Daddy sadly one of the thousands stranded overseas. A little more than a train ride away unfortunately for him, he's in the Far East!

So after my long break I have to say a big thank you for your sweet comments on my previous post, they were and still are much appreciated.

Kate x


way too early

As I take a blog break I shall be reflecting on the life of yet another family member who has left us in shock by leaving us all way, way too early.

And I wish you all a lovely, relaxing and hopefully, a sunny Easter break.

Kate x