life in a box

Question : Think of an item, completely free, that can entertain a couple of children for several hours, thus giving you plenty of time to do your own thing?

Answer : A cardboard box!!

{welcome to Number 70}

Determined to start what can only be described as a mini Spring clean, a newly acquired antique French boutis was finally emptied out of its particularly large box and all ready to be put outside for recycling when it was spied by my little friend. Uh oh, here we go, yet more clutter. So we made a deal. She could keep it till the next collection date and no longer - it's so big, for goodness sake!

So she wasted no time ...

Of course, she was having so much fun that her older brother, Carrot Boy (quantities of favourite food consumed), decided to join in. And the result? I got to do a multitude of chores that had been earmarked for long enough and for several hours - yes it really was HOURS, all was calm.

Carrot Boy achieved some excellent shelf assembly that even Mr Ikea would be proud of and all without needing a single tea break. I expect he'll learn.

This is a rather rustic dwelling, dare I say it. Actually I admit I dare not, since I've been reprimanded too many times for interfering in the name of style and perfection. However, like all good city dwellers there are some things that simply must be included, even in a play house. One burglar alarm, complete with pink box outside, code box inside, plus the threat of a vicious animal should the prospective baddies still be so determined.

Some things are welcome though, the clematis montana provides a cosy home for a little bird who, mercifully, doesn't need to stray too far to feed the chicks.

It was originally to be a house for the toys, but come to think of it, I've yet to see any in it.

Oops, and now you know the alarm code!!

Back to school tomorrow and I shall be sorry to see them go. Not least for the earlier rising in the mornings, nor the inevitable taxi-ing around, but for the fact that the washing's all up straight!!

Meanwhile, my little friend celebrates her 7th birthday on Thursday with Daddy sadly one of the thousands stranded overseas. A little more than a train ride away unfortunately for him, he's in the Far East!

So after my long break I have to say a big thank you for your sweet comments on my previous post, they were and still are much appreciated.

Kate x


  1. Hi Kate

    I think that cardboxes are great! They bring out the creative side of children. It's lovely to observe as they decide what to turn it in to and how it evolves... Very impressed with what your children made! Love the detail..

    So annoying for people to be stranded miles away from home....

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  2. Oh how I remember those days of cardbox houses along with fireguards covered with a blanket to make houses. Your children seem to be set to become architects or interior designers though as theirs is far more professional than my daughters used to be!

    Jane x

  3. What great imaginations your children have - love the box house.

    Here's hoping all the stranded people get home to their families soon :)

  4. Isn't it amazing, what creativity a simple cardboard box can spark. They have done a grand job!. When can I move in ;-)

  5. I made such a box for my two cats :))
    and I am happy you´re back, dear Kate... hope you are well.
    Lots of greetings, maren

  6. Welcome back Katy - I missed you!

    Sorry to hear hubby is stranded abroad - hope he gets back home soon - my poem this week may resonate with you on this point!!

    Your children have shown great imagination and interior design flair in making their little box house! It's great.

    Happy birthday to your little friend:-)


  7. You can't go wrong with a cardboard box - and it's cheap entertainment!

  8. Oops - I did of course mean Kate not Katy!

  9. it's a very lovely house, perhaps they could work on a plane for daddy next?

    hope everything is ok, thinking of you

  10. What a great den - it makes me a little sad to think that my two are well beyond the age of being amused by an empty box. I think they would prefer a box containing an electronic gadget of some sort!
    Hope this flights fiasco is sorted out soon.

  11. What a fun post. Your children are so imaginitive.

  12. The life of a cardboard box - great fun isn't it? My little ones (and big) can be entertained for hours.

    And 'Oh no' I hope Mr Harmony makes it home soon.

    take care,

    Nina xx

  13. So great to see children playing outdoors and using their imagination - and long may they do so. Let us hope someone organising something to help our friends and families and daddies home soon.

  14. And we spend so much money on toys at Christmas. I bet if you went out and bought a whole lots of good cardboard boxes and ropes and fixings the kids would get more pleasure out of making a town in their holidays and actually play together too.

  15. You out me in mind of the French & Saunders sketch where the mothers took over the crafts because the kids were not doing it properly!! Fabulous house - it looks a bit like when I decorate, the finishing touches are up before the rest of the place is finished. xxx

  16. PS the above comment (000013465) was me, hadnt noticed my daughter was logged into blogger!!)


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