roses are red

I finished this shawl before the end of June but abandoned it in need of photographic attention whilst I holidayed back in the UK, taking another project to entertain me over the long hours as we crossed the ocean. So sure was I that I'd have that finished by the time we landed, that I packed yarn for a second shawl to entertain me throughout the break and the subsequent journey back home.


The knitting mojo has been lost again, somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean I believe and this post is less show and tell in nature, more a ticking off because I need to have shawl #4 in my arsenal for when school begins again next month.

I have to say though, the little one-skein beauty, Roses are Red, has to be one of my favourites so far. I'm so in love with it that my heart strings are sure to be tugged somewhat as I reach for the pretty paper, wrap it oh-so carefully and send it on it's way. But it is true to say it didn't start out as a labour of love. I just couldn't get to grips with the pattern at all. To my increasing frustration, it didn't seem to be working and I could not understand why. On reading through Ravelry's notes, it appeared nobody else was having the same issues as mine, there were no forum threads devoted to this annoying error that clearly belonged in the pattern notes. But after literally over ten failed attempts, and on the verge of surrender, the penny miraculously dropped that it was me who was at fault. Quelle horreur! It would appear that after 42 projects behind me I had never, ever had to knit yarn-overs between knit and purl stitches. And boy did I not work that out for myself ...

Of course it isn't hard to see, looking through my previous knitted FOs, that Madelinetosh Merino Light is pretty much my favourite yarn for shawls. What's more, I am cer-azy about this colour. Tart is the most beautiful shade of red ever. It is the intensity of plump late-summer berries, ripe and falling off the stalk without any hint of pressure and bursting with luscious flavour. So why am I passing it on? Because I have one more in my stash ... that's why!!

Details of my Roses are Red are here on my Ravelry page.


sand and sea

I'm running out of time sadly because I started just a tad too late for my teacher knitting marathon. Nevertheless, this is #2 of four I wanted to knit, the third will be coming off the needles pretty soon as it happens and I'm so excited about it, that's the one I'm going to struggle to say goodbye to. 

I'm having a great time back in my knitting saddle but this time around I'm fitting it in amongst other commitments, as opposed to the other way round! This little shawlette, Sand and Sea by Alana Dakos, was such a satisfying little project. Quickly done with lots of wrapping and turning, which I love doing but had to watch on YouTube because it's been a year since I'd done it last and couldn't trust my memory. Of course it all came back to me and I enjoyed every single stitch. 

The main colour is lace weight CashSilk by Sweet Georgia (Vancouver based so I took a little visit there with a friend a couple of years ago to choose direct from the production line) which I found beautiful to work with, although it grew somewhat during the blocking process. Then I edged it with MadTosh Sock to give it body and weight which worked a dream. More pics and details are here on Ravelry

Well, there is a sudden air of excitement in this house let me tell you. The Model and I are jetting over to the UK very soon to visit friends and family and we are jumping with joy and anticipation. Not for the long haul travel, though the idea of a knit fest makes up for it, that's for sure. Hmmm, I need a shawl pattern to keep me occupied and am thinking worthy contenders could be this, this or maybe even this. Any ideas?


flying home

Hello out there, I'm popping in to my old patch with a show and tell, hehe. It only took me 10 months to make!

This is "Flying Home" by Kat Coyle and I love it. The lace weight yarn took a bit of getting used to though, I couldn't sense it resting on my hand as it was so light and I have this feeling finger weight will feel like bulky after the experience. However, Swans Island is a beautiful yarn to knit with - but I knew that already, having so enjoyed my time with Lila. And as for this colour, Honeycomb is to die for, it is the perfect shade. Though sadly not a perfect choice for my skin colouring so I think I shall be gifting it to someone who will hopefully get more use of it.

I took the idea of the contrast edging from here and here and I'm so pleased I did it. And yes, the grey fetish continues. I also knitted it a little larger than the pattern, 14 repeats total. All the deets are here in Ravelry.

So now I'm happy to be reunited with my dusty needles, I'm sifting through my Favourites whilst I decide what's next. Ravelry's made a few changes since I last visited, have you seen the 'bundles' feature? Makes life so much easier!

So how are you doin'? My daughter and I have been watching 'Friends'! Can't you tell? :)



Whispers by Veera Välimäki: A flirty little thing knitted for the warmer weather, although it's way too hot to wear at the moment! My knitting has been oh so slow these past few months I could have done with this top back in May when I actually started swatching for it. Now it will have to wait for cooler evenings or September even, when the dregs of Summer will hopefully continue on but in a less searing way.

I loved knitting Whispers, plus I got to try out Madelinetosh's Dandelion with a touch of linen amongst the merino wool. Gorgeous yarn folks, go try! Naturally it's grey, this is such a pale, almost pearly shade and I'm so pleased with it. I wasn't too sure about the flippy sleeves to begin with but now I'm thinking 'what the heck, live a little'. Besides, I can always sew them up later if I really want to. More pics and details are here on my Ravelry page.

My postman delivered a nice plump package of yarn the other day so I have some deciding to do. Another Summer knit, or move on to my Autumn plans now. Hmm, with the rate I'm going I think I'm making my decision rather faster than usual!

And you? What are you creating I wonder?


the sea's still singing

Two months, it's been! How quickly that time has passed with not a pile of crafting to show for it. I haven't done a whole heap of knitting lately, although there are three projects on the go. Well, hang on it's two now because I've finally finished a second 'Song of the Sea'. I have to confess the other projects have been dormant for weeks.

I'm not one for repeat knitting projects but a great friend of mine in London, who had admired the first 'Song of the Sea' I made, did me a huge favour recently so I was only too happy to knit this one for her. I let her choose from my stashed yarn and she wanted Whiskers. This sock yarn by Madelinetosh is such a pretty shade, a gentle variegated palette of greys with just a touch of beige in there too. My love for grey isn't showing any signs of diminishing, I find it such a restful colour and easy on the eye, so I'm hoping she'll agree and be pleased with the result. More photos and details are here on Ravelry.

I've just had a few weeks back in the UK with the Model, the first holiday we've had on our own together and I have to say it was a lot of fun. I'm sure there'll be more to come. We divided our time between London, visiting friends (and stocking up on Liberty fabrics and English yarn!), my parents in Cornwall, and a few days in Dorset to check all was well with the cottage and spend some time investigating the habits of razor clams on our favourite beach ...

Happy holidays. Any plans?


Did you have a good weekend? It's been a lazy old one here, even the weather hasn't known what to do with itself. Both boys in our house have succumbed to heavy colds and wanted to do nothing more than hibernate. My girl was involved in a musical theatre show this afternoon which was a treat to watch, as ever. I don't believe there is a finer way to be entertained than watching your offspring on stage, belting out a number from The Sound of Music.

My next knitting project is under way. It is Whispers by Veera Välimäki which is such a pretty little top for Spring/Summer that I'm hoping will keep my interest over the next few weeks or so. I'm using Madelinetosh Dandelion, a first for me and so far, so very good. It has a small amount of linen in it which I think will give a lovely drape. The garter rib hem is done and I'm on to what will probably seem endless circuits of knit stitches, which makes me think I'll probably be casting on something else pretty soon for some variety.

Vibeke from A Butterfly in my Hair very kindly asked me to have a virtual conversation with her recently. She posted it on her blog today so, if you would like to have a read, do pop over when you have a moment. Whilst you're there, be sure to browse through her lovely site and say hello.

Finally, a big thank you for your kind comments about my Kelpie. If you haven't noticed, I have decided to answer them, and future ones, in the comments box so please do pop back and keep the conversation going.

So, that's it for today. Here's wishing you a happy week ahead with lots of happy crafting, what ever it may be?!



Kelpie was a looong project for me. Not because it is difficult, because it isn't at all. But because these last few weeks I've had other things on my mind and knitting has had to take a back seat. I think I'm back on the front seat now but have to admit it the speed limit may be a little more restrained from now on.

Kelpie of course is finished just as the weather is getting warmer, which leaves my somewhat Autumnal colour palette a little redundant for some months to come. But no matter, it is a welcome addition to my wardrobe and, for me, about as colourful as it gets. For, as well as all the other things it appears I'm intolerant to, colour might be one of them!

The bulk of Kelpie (by Jared Flood, Brooklyn Tweed) has been knitted with Rowan Fine Tweed. It was my first experience with this yarn and I have to say I loved every minute of it. One couldn't say it is particularly soft but it's the springiness I fell for. That and the inconsistency in its texture, for every so often a slight variation would approach the needles, be it almost dangerously thin, which meant it had to be treated carefully so as to avoid breaking, or thick and squishy in which case it added an interesting imperfection. Particularly for this shawl, which is rustic in style, this yarn is a perfect match. The other great thing about Fine Tweed is that it is sold in smaller, 25g balls, making it ideal for the stripes which take only four rows of each colour. More pics and full details of colours are here on Ravelry.

So I am actually at the point where I have nothing on the needles. A rarity these days. However I'm scheming already. I shall cast on for two projects, one a Spring/Summer top and the other? Another shawl, would you believe. It's only the colour I'm all of a dither about!!

And you? How are you doing these days?