a visitor and a walk in the park

Did you have a lovely weekend? We did. And we had a visitor, isn't he gorgeous?

We had several visitors actually. Hubby decided we should be looking after the birds since they'll be finding it difficult to find food so, after a quick visit to B&Q, the garden could now qualify for "Winter Watch".

Of course all this delicious food suddenly appearing in the garden could well be the reason why our lovely visitor arrived so timely, but he is a regular to our patch and therefore can only assume he was passing through and got lucky! The birds, by the way, were practically queuing up for nosh before we'd even finished hanging the feeders up.

This morning is gorgeous. Not sunny, but I think I'm finally getting used to the cold. It's the ice I can't stand. We went to Notting Hill for lunch and a bit of shopping yesterday. Leaving home (in South East London) we reminded the children to tread carefully on the pavements which are still covered with snow and ice. Driving north we went through Clapham which was pretty much the same but once we reached Chelsea - no snow, no ice. Whatsoever. Can you believe that?

So having dropped the children off at their schools this morning I decided to do pretty much the same walk I made back in November when I did this post and took some photos to show how the same views look so very different in the snow. Just a nice reminder for myself and I hope you like them too.

Perhaps you should be sitting comfortably, there are a few to come ..

Most of the pond is iced over still

This is a fabulous sight when the wisteria takes over, but I still like it now

These next two shots were very different back in November ..

Signs of life to come ...

I think I'm done with the snow shots now, I've got the calling for crafting ...

Here's hoping you have a lovely week and don't forget to feed the birds x


  1. Gorgeous snowy pictures and our pavements are lethal too though it is very slowy starting to thaw.

    Have a wonderful week,

    Nina x

  2. Oh that was wonderful, thank you! I loved the images and feeling of peace here today. Much needed as a break from bookwork. x

  3. Oh I really like your 'laughing' fox Kate - how cute! Fabulous photos of your walk in the park I especially like the row of snowy seats and the Narnia-style lamp-post!

    Jeanne x

  4. Thanks for visiting me:-)

    I really enjoyed your snowy walk, beautiful photos.

    Lovely top you made last week as well.

  5. Just lovely Kate. I checked out the other post and was amazed at the difference but both were beautiful. It's posts like this that keep me glued to my computer when I should be doing my housework!It is so nice to peep into other people's lives.

  6. Terrific set of photographs - I love the ones where there is a hint of colour from the plant stems. And a great shot of the fox.

  7. Hello Kate, how lovely of you to pop by!
    I've just had a lovely time perusing your gorgeous little blog!Love your makes, especially the sweet little skirt for your daughter!
    Sorry to hear you had such an awful year. Lets hope this will be an amazing one for you!
    Rachel x

  8. Forgot to say about the flickr photo! The lady is one of my contacts and I found it in her photostream! I spend tooo long oohhing and aahhing at flickr images, so my Hubby says anyway, tee hee!
    Rachel x

  9. Lovely photos. I adore your little visitor. My hubby works nights and sees lots of foxes in the city (SHeffield). Notting Hill for lunch and shopping sounds delightful!!

  10. You have some lovely photos. Enjoying you blog.

  11. Gorgeous walk home, loved the pictures. did you go somewhere scrummy in Nottinghill? I am thinking of making my annual pilgramage there soon!

    Sarah x


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