winter whites

After all the fun on Wednesday, when much rolling around in the snow happened in between the odd snowball fight, the children got to school on time yesterday. They were thrilled - I think the thought of yet more snowman making - this time en masse - was almost too much to cope with!

It isn't quite so much fun building snow people on your own, I decided, and besides, I was longing for some "me" time right here, in the warmth. The heating in the house has been on constantly since our return from Dorset on Monday but parts of it, particularly downstairs, are still ice-box cold. Apologies for the carbon footprint but quite honestly, and I dare say you'll agree, now is not the time for any of that. Instead, I reached for my trustee old friend, the sewing machine, who despite coming away with me remained in a bag all Christmas long, poor thing. Now as it happens, and how fortunate is this, one of the warmer rooms in the house is my very own sewing room and that's just where I headed yesterday morning, only to re-emerge several hours later.

With all these wintery colours staring me in the face of late, I reached into the stash for this Japanese fabric bought early last year.

It's one of those lovely soft fine needlecords, absolutely perfect for making something from this fab fab fab book that landed on my doorstep only two days ago. But because there are plenty of tempting projects inside to make, what a difficult choice it was deciding on which to plump for first.

Would it be this Dapper Day Bag?

Maybe this Farmer's Market Bag?

Or even this cute childs' apron (such a clever idea to use a velcro fastener)?

What a dilemma. But actually, it is this one - called Blossom Blouse. There's a pattern for both big girls (such as me) and little girls and the moment I set eyes on it, I knew my search was over and because I'm a relatively new sewer, the little one was the perfect way to go.

The whole idea of the book is incorporating appliques into your work but I have a confession to make - I'm not too sure how I feel about that. I've never really got them and thought them at time a trifle twee - sorry. I'm sure I shall be converted one day, and who knows, perhaps this book will be the one to do it. But for now, I've just used the pattern. What do you think?

It has really pretty sleeves, only I made these longer ..

Other projects feature a ladybird bag and a squirrel similar to one I've used in my online shop (she puts hers on curtains, mine are on bags) so it must be a good book, teehee.

And now, our wheelie bin outside has frozen shut so, coat and scarf to the ready, here I go ...


  1. Well it looks lovely and the pretty detail on the sleeves is just right. Let the lovely material do the rest. I bet the recipient was happy with her new top.
    Pity you are feeling so cold over there amongst the pretty snow. Stoke up the heating and don't worry about the carbon we've lots of trees to soak it up down here!

  2. Sew pretty eh?!! Love that material. Hope your house has warmed up now.


  3. That blouse is lovely - I like appliqué on plain clothes, and it's a brilliant way to 'upcycle' a plain item with a stain or a tear (I have several of those in my projects box, but haven't actually done anything to them yet...hmmm...). However, the patterned fabric you've chosen is just fantastic on its own! I love the blouse design and, as a very cautious seamstress, I almost wonder if I could attempt one like that. Not sure!

  4. I really like your Japanese inspired fabric Kate and the relaxed shape is perfect I think.
    Glad to hear the children are back at school, up here they reckon the schools will be closed into the early part of next week as the "Big Freeze" continues! I have had the heating on for all it can muster during the day too, supplemented by the woodburner in the evenings when the temperature suddenly plummets again!Nice and cosy and nap-inducing!

    Have a great weekend. Jeanne x

  5. I like the pattern a lot, it seems pretty uncomplicated yet makes such a stylish garment. The fabric is absolutely gorgeous.

  6. That book looks gorgeous - thank you for the link and I love the blouse.

    Hope you had luck with the wheelie bin?

    Have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina x

  7. Love the fabric and your blouse is terrific.

  8. The book looks fantastic - very tempting, indeed. And I love the top - the fabric is really unusual.

    Pomona x


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