a snowy day in london town

It arrived a little later than promised last night but as we headed up those wooden stairs to Bedfordshire, the cars were already blanketed with pure, wonderful, powdery snow. And naturally, the excitement from certain members of our family on waking this morning was like nothing else. Last month when it first appeared we were all hit by the lurg and could only watch from the wrong side of a window but this time we were ready and we more than made up for it. Good timing too, with the children still on their school holidays!

Now besides taking the little people out for fun in the white stuff, I had another agenda - my new camera! Bought yesterday (after oh so much dithering, all in the name of research), I was itching to introduce my new baby to the snow, particularly with its special snow feature button which I've never had before. Actually, it also has buttons for aquariums, fireworks, sunsets, landscapes, portraits, people, subjects other than people, moving pets and children, night time shots and so on and so on. Staggering, who'd  have thought all that from a little tiny pocket thing? What do you think the chances are of it providing me with a cup of tea in the morning? Unfortunately it's going to take me ages to work my way through the manual so I expect there may be some questionable photos for a while.

We had such a great time today - went with friends to our local Common. Not the most salubrious of destinations by any stretch of the imagination but in the snow it was absolutely magical. And yes, as predicted, we had to drag the two youngest back home in miserable mood, soaking wet and freezing cold from all their rolling about on the ground.

Sadly the snow just didn't let up which meant I only took a few very quick snaps. I didn't want to expose the lens to the constant snow fall and get it wet - give it time, the kid gloves will come off soon I dare say!

Back to school in the morning and with the prospect of getting the car out, suddenly the snow's not quite as much fun after all!


  1. Your new camera is working a treat Kate! These photos are stunning. Who would have thought this was London? The last time I remember such a snowy London was way back in 1980/81. I agree, its magical and loads of fun until you have to drive anywhere!

    Stay warm and cosy. Jeanne x

  2. Sounds brilliant that new camera - and certainly does the job! Lovely pics and even the most unsalubrious place looks good with a coating of snow. It's a different story when you want to get out and about though isn't it?


  3. Oh lovely. I know it must pose all sorts of problems but it is sooo pretty. Hope you are all keeping well and haven't got a chill from all that wet, wet, freezing snow.

    Three months in France would be great but we are only going for 1 month unfortunately.

  4. Oh lovely pics on your spanking brand new camera! Everywhere looks so beautiful with freshly fallen snow. It's the brown melting slush a few days after that takes the edge off! Always fun though when you don't have to be somewhere, be able to be a big kid and have fun running in it and making snow angels! Have a lovely day! xxx

  5. it is funny : when i moved into the south of germany i thought there will be a lot of snow here in winter. but now the snow is in the north ;)
    but the weatherman told it will have more snow this weekend... we will see:
    have a nice day, maren

  6. Great photos - I can't believe we have all got so much snow!! Ive abandoned the car at home and doing lots of walking every where, Its wearing me out!! xxx

  7. Stunning, stunning pictures - I love your new camera!!

    Our little ones are just back in from there last snowfight of the day though I'm sure they will be back out there tomorrow at first light or as soon as I can get them organised.

    Nina x

  8. There was plenty of the white stuff when I came down the stairs here in Bedfordshire this morning. Great photos - now, a hand-warmer button would be useful.

  9. Hi Kate, lovely snowy pics. Happy New Year to you!

    OMG I adore your red tablecloth on your previous post! lusting after it! tee hee,

    Sarah x


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