this tree

Wasn't this weekend amazing?

We had such a lovely, relaxing yet productive day yesterday; the whole family out in the garden all day gardening, trampolining, playing swing ball, picnics on the lawn ... And today, once the homework was done, we ventured out to our favourite park. This tree didn't disappoint.


How did you spend yours?

See you in the week x


  1. One more and you will have the set and could make a collage! Lovely covered with blossom and doesn't that snow seem like a lifetime ago?! Jane

  2. Don't you just love cherry trees? What a lovely collection of the seasons!

  3. That tree looks wonderful. I have one rather like it outside my classroom window but its not in full flower yet

  4. You definately need a summer picture and then put them together as a mosiac - would look fabulous :)

    I've blogged about my day - lots of males in uniform ;)

  5. Lovely set of photos, don't you just love that showy cherry blossom? Spent a lot of time just enjoying the spring - even enjoyed listening to the rain this morning.

  6. Just one more and you have the set! Great photos Kate - that blossom is so joyful!

    We just enjoyed being in the warm sunshine - loved the spring rain this morning!!


    PS Glad your hubby is home now - our friends eventually got back home to Sydney today!

  7. Me again - just responding to your comment over at my blog. Yes Salisbury is a lovely city to visit and indeed the houses in the Close are lovely although rarely for sale and when they are you need plenty of money to buy one as the sell for upwards of £1,000,000! The others by the river might be more attainable though! Thanks for visiting.


  8. It is great to see the same object through the changing seasons. Love those photos.

  9. What a transformation! Lovely photo's

  10. I love that tree and mmmmm...to the ever changing seasons.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina x

  11. Totally great weekend - I had a husband at home for a change so I had a play mate to play out with!! Its great that you recorded the tree. Your comment re: the Bishop of Wakefield made me laugh!!! xxx

  12. Wonderful photos!

    We had a lovely weekend with family and the chickens :)
    All the trees are in bloom and it is beautiful!

  13. April's weather must go down in history as the best ever! There's been lots of gardening going on here too. It really is a great idea to take a photo of the same tree in different seasons. How I used to love playing swingball and jumping up and down on a trampoline, as a kid. x


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