We're having a blossom fix at the moment. When it first appeared, my little friend had us all picking petal confetti from the ground and throwing it wedding-style for a photo opportunity. Easier said than done, since I've not yet worked out the shutter speed option on the camera!

Now it's starting to fall from the trees, the pavements look like they're covered with pink snow. The streets of London are looking beautiful but I'm not so sure the street cleaners would agree. But thinking of ways to preserve the blossom for just that bit longer I made a little dress for you know who.

I bought some Japanese sakura fabric a while ago and, with the help of this lovely book, made a simple halter dress with elasticated back. It looks fun with a plain white tee underneath; in fact I love it so much that if I have my way, madam will still be wearing it when she's twelve. But hopefully with jeans underneath by then!

I hope you're having a lovely, relaxing and sunny (?) weekend.

Kate x


  1. I love that fabric, so pretty!

  2. Thats so pretty - beautiful fabric. I used to love picking confetti up when I was about the same age. Streets of London looking beautiful? Perhaps Richard Curtis is shooting a film!!!! He always makes London look spotless and litter free!!

  3. I just love the cherry trees. We have a couple of really beautiful ones and everyone has been admiring them.

    A very pretty dress.

  4. Beautiful photos and fabric! What a wonderful dress. Our cherry blossom blew off the trees in a series of horrible April tempests, but fortunately we'd had a few weeks of it by then, so we just about coped with its sudden disappearance. Thanks for these photos- somehow I'd almost forgotten it already!

  5. I used to live on a street in London that had cherry blossom trees on both sides all the way down as far as you could see - it was absolutely gorgeous in spring.

    Pretty fabric Kate and a sweet dress. Love your pictures!


    It was sunny yesterday when we were in Ely but has rained all day today - at least its good for the gardens!

  6. What a cute little dress! I love the fabric!

  7. love the fabric. the dress is darling. and the blossoms on the trees, beautiful!

  8. Oh my, the fabric and dress are divine! I love it. I need to make something similar for my gal once the weather warms up a touch. She loves the blossoms and the falling petals because they look like "Pink Snow!!!"

  9. Just gorgeous! Sunny all weekend here...but a little of the wind chill factor too.
    Yay to May!

  10. I wish I had a pretty dress like that!
    Beautiful fabric!
    Rachel x

  11. It's gorgeous and I love the fabric - Japanese certainly do, do the best in everyway when it comes to their crafts.

    Nina xxx


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