20 minutes, and a few answers

I've just discovered a new CD, which is helping the crafting along very nicely. Dionne Bromfield is Amy Winehouse's goddaughter and if you can get over the fact she's thirteen (!) then perhaps you may enjoy it too. There is something a bit creepy, I think, about such a young girl singing about love but the songs (covers of vintage soul and pop) are the sort that put a smile on your face and get you moving, thus warming you up and possibly saving on the heating bills at the same time which can't be bad. Perfect crafting material even, you just need to try and stay sitting down!

I also thought I'd join MarmaladeRose's 20 Minuters challenge. I'm not one for resolutions, since I don't believe I've stuck to a single one. Ever. However, crafting is something I do pretty much most days anyway so here we go, should be straightforward? We'll see. Now I've got Dionne for company there's no stopping me!

Do you remember the blouse I made for my little friend not so long ago? Well, it was such a roaring success I thought I'd make one for myself too.

But not wanting to ruin any of my precious fabric should it turn out wrong or, heaven forfend, just plain not nice, I thought I'd do a mock-up, a toile I believe the technical term is. However, in the absence of any calico or muslin, I reached for a 1970's duvet "bequeathed" to us by guests who brought it when visiting us in Dorset once and then flatly refused to take it away again (despite the pressure they were put under)! I had intended to convert it into a pair of pyjamas for one of the children but it was shouting at me and not one to refuse, out came the scissors. What I had in the back of my mind, you see, was that if it turned out half way decent I may even wear the thing, albeit to do the gardening or in the event I should ever go backpacking!

Anyway, almost made and with 20 minutes to go, I gave my pledge to MarmaladeRose before smugly completing the requirement for Challenge Day One!

Now comes the dilemma and I'm hoping all you vintage fashionistas will come to my rescue here. The question is, should I actually wear this now that it's done and I'm not just talking about when I'm doing the painting or messy stuff with the children. Be honest now, hip vintage chick or dweeb in a duvet?

And now the moment you've all been waiting for ... and here are the resoolts (said Tess Daly-style) from my previous post and it's this moment that I wish I could do one of those fun collagey-type things - only I can't!)


Did you get them?

Enjoy your day. I'm off for a spot of Dionne - it's a bit cold x


  1. Your photos really made me smile, because now your tricky quiz seems so OBvious!

    About the excellent top, my question would be about the fabric. I am personally all into cotton etc and not into 70s artificial fibres. Therefore, I think you should wear it if your're comfortable with the fibres used, as well as the pattern, which is quite trendy-retro, I think.

  2. 'Oh no' I'd wear it, it is absolutely gorgeous and I was actually eyeing up something very, very similar the other evening - jeans and boots, perfect.

    take care,

    Nina xxx

  3. Definitely wear it, it is very retro and absolutely spot on. So takes me back to my youth.

    Ah, those fiendish close ups are finally revealed. So obvious now, but there were some that I really didn't get, however long I looked at them.

    Thanks for entering the giveaway and putting the button on your sidebar, good luck!

  4. It was those glass-headed pins that really got me - so obvious NOW! Love the top, yes you should wear it, but I'd need a woolly vest too!
    (thanks for the link to Gillian Harris, great stuff)

  5. Well I got a fair few of those, but some definitely had me stumped!

    I actually quite like the top and would probably wear it as well - but then my boys think I'm rather odd anyway! ;-) That's not to say your odd of course LOL

    Glad you liked my experimenting

  6. I think you should wear it - it doesn't look anything like a duvet cover and those stripes forming into a V are great - however did you get them to line up so neatly?

    Thanks for the answers to the quiz - the ones I did manage I got right and the others are fairly obvious now but were impossible then!


  7. Wear it Wear it Wear it!
    DO IT, DO IT NOW!!!!
    Everyone will want one and wonder where it's from, brilliant! well done Kate!

    Sarah x

  8. Hi again! I've just done a post with final questions for the Magazine Swappers. Could you pop over and let me know what you think, please?

  9. Oh yes you must wear it. Infact I'm a little disappointed you haven't modelled it for us.

  10. The top looks OK to me and not at all like a duvet so go for it if it is comfy and the colour goes with bottoms in your wardrobe.


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