lost and found

I'm feeling a bit peeved this morning. You see I've just today lost my beloved Brora cashmere long pointelle gloves, in beautiful elderberry which match my beret. It's one of those situations where I have no clue where they could be which is driving me nuts. Even more irritating is the fact that they were last year's colour so I can't even replace them. I'd be just about prepared to buy them in aubergine, only that colour's sold out. Grrrr!

However, just the other day I had a good rummage around in my cupboard and found these hand painted beauties ..

I bought them quite a few years ago and never wore them. I don't really know why but anyway I'm wearing them around the house right now ...

And suddenly I don't feel quite so bad. Deep down. Maybe. S'pose!!

Have a wonderful weekend x


  1. Sorry to hear about your gloves. Is it worth trawling through ebay?
    Your feet look very summery in those sandals!

  2. So sorry to hear about your gloves - why is it always the things we love most that go missing (any chance they are in you other house?)

    Love those sandals - really cheering!


  3. I was wearing them this morning and now can't found them. Retraced my steps, checked with school - it's just one of those mysteries!

  4. That is heartbreaking! But the sure way to find them would be to buy another pair - I am always mislaying gloves, but they usually turn up in a pocket or at the back of the coat cupboard or under a car seat. Last week I lost a crochet hook, and after a week's searching bought a new one. I came home, got it out of my bag and promptly found the missing one sitting on some knitting, right before my eyes. I think it had been hiding on purpose.

    Pomona x

  5. Shame about the gloves but those sandals, wow, they are gorgeous!

  6. Those sandals are a work of art :)

    Hope the gloves turn up - lot to be said for having them treaded through your coat on a string!!

  7. It is so maddening when you lose something - with gloves it is usually just one, so you end up hanging on to the orphan in case the the other one turns up, knowing if you throw it away the partner will appear. Definitely trippy sandals. Take care :-)

  8. Now that is what I call colourful shoes - perfect for brightening up a cold grey winters day!

  9. Did you look in all the pockets of your coats? That's where I usually find lost gloves - not that I have much use for them here. Hope you find them as I know how maddening it is when you REALLY like something that has gone missing.

  10. They will turn up in the most unexpected place - like the freezer or something - it happens!!!

  11. Oh no, it's like those kittens who lost their mittens!
    BOO HISS, perhaps when you have forgotten about them they will magically appear? Hope so!

    Sarah x

  12. Hope they turn up soon! Your sandals are a lovely antidote to all this dreary weather we've been having. They're like little pieces of art!

    No time for blogging/commenting last week so a belated happy weekend to you too!

    Jeanne x

  13. Pixie's usually pinch stuff, but it always comes back in the end. Bet you find them once it's hot and sunny.

    Lisa x


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