brain gym anyone?

Good Monday morning to you. Did you have a lovely weekend?

Mine, I have to say, was so quiet I can barely remember what happened. In fact we had a really lazy time of it which, yes ok, has to be done from time to time without feeling guilty but, nevertheless, you could still call it a throw-away weekend. So I've decided not be boring with tales of a non-fascinating weekend here in Londonium but instead thought you may like a little brain gym to start off the week and hopefully have a teensy weensy bit of fun into the bargain. Fancy playing along?

As you may know I am totally in love with my new camera but am also in the getting to grips with it stage and finding out what it can actually do for me. Chapter One: Macro Settings. Thus far I have always been a bit of a "point and shoot kinda gal" and I know I should really just sit down and learn that manual but, annoyingly it's in disc form which I am finding irritating to say the least. It's not too convenient, is it, when I'm out and about and suddenly need a little helping hand from Mr Manual?

And so onwards to the Gym. These photos were taken on said macro and some have even been, ooh-la-la wait for it, cropped - another feature I had a play around with over the weekend. So, you see, I did achieve at least two things after all! Some of the pictures may be a little out of focus but hey, you can't have everything and anyway, focus would make them way too easy. Actually they are all way too easy, particularly for you craftly lot because they are, after all, objects that most of us will have in our cupboards and may even, dare I say it, use on a very regular basis. Probably more regularly than me! Just think how smug you are going to feel for the rest of the day, knowing you have, indeed, had a full work out at the Brain Gym!! Ready? ...


Told you it was easy. Let me know what you think they are (and how many nanoseconds it took you to do it) and I shall reveal all on Wednesday. And by the way, if they are all seriously easy and you feel your intelligence has been well and truly insulted - all I can say is oops, I tried, oh well, never mind and sorry!!

(Actually I'm on the point of regretting this post for fear you feel "duh, even a ten year old could do this" but hey what the heck, I'm going to press the "publish post" button anyway!)

Enjoy x


  1. Well if a 10 year old could do it what does that make me as I can't do all of them! In fact I'd say I can only do about half of them - maybe that's why I am first to comment!


  2. Ah, perhaps it's only easy because I know the answers!?


  3. Errrmmm...............
    some are easy, but there are also some real teasers! I have looked and looked, and the more I looks the less I see, lol!

  4. Ah, you may only have one, but I bet your house isn't as cluttered as mine as a result! ;-)

  5. A few maybe, iron, knitting needles, scissors, rotary cutter and thread, but I'm lost with the rest - my brain has died!!

  6. Can't add any answers to the above, but I know what fun you can have with macro setting!

  7. I can see an iron, measuring tape and thread, which for an almost non-crafter like myself, is quite good really. What I can see however is that you have a great camera there!

    Jeanne x

    PS Thank for your comment today Kate, that particular poem is a difficult one I know; open to interpretation but I think resolute in its acceptance of fate, whatever that may be...

  8. Macro thing looks very good. Ignorantly I'm not sure what one is, but I guess it helps you take great pics.

    Also very impressed by the butter making Kate.

    Lisa x

  9. Hello Kate

    You're a whizz with that camera!
    I've added you to my list of 20 Minuters. Looking forward to popping back to see your progress. Need to come back when I'm not sleepy.

    Fi x

  10. Well I recognise the iron!!! This reminds me of a game that we had in the 60's that I used to love "What is it". xxxx

  11. I can only name about half, too!
    Great photos, though.

  12. Hmm I am in the less than half category, but in my defence my crafting stores are exceptoionally poor! Tee Hee,

    looks like you are having a lot of fun with your new camera though!

    Sarah x


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