A first knit for myself and Kaari could not fit any better. I am in LOVE.

This is the jumper I couldn't wait to get started way up in the hills above Rome back in July. And having the wrong needles in my suitcase didn't dampen my enthusiasm for this project, as scouring the streets of Viterbo came up trumps. However once back in London, and reunited with the cats (black and white tux in particular, grrr), it all came to a crushing halt. Only the recent trip to see my parents reignited the fuel for Kaari and it's been a work in progress ever since.

Kaari, by Norah Gaughan, was absolutely joyous to knit, something I had an inkling would be the case given the praise already bestowed upon it by fellow Ravellers. And finishing it has stoked a fire in my belly so strong I already have the next project on my needles.

I took the advice of previous Kaari knitters and went down a needle size to get correct gauge. Having said that, at one point I thought it might turn out too small but I ploughed on regardless and am so pleased I did. There were a few challenges along the way but again, the Ravelry forum came up trumps with good, solid advice where needed. Four inches worth of purl stitch on the neckband could easily have been rather dull but by that stage I knew I was on the home straight which made it bearable.

The yarn I used was Cascade 220 Heathers. It's extremely good value because, let's face it, nobody knits to save money. And of course it's grey .. what else? Cascade took a little getting used to, and I actually thought it may turn out rather scratchy but I'm currently revising that opinion and think we'll be ok .. me and my Kaari. Did I mention I'm in love? More details and pics can be found on my Ravelry page.

So, fellow blogging buddies. Have you got anything on your needles? Do tell, I'd so love to hear ..

Happy week, everyone.


postcards from greenwich

Yuck! What a horrid day it has been today, a complete contrast to the weekend when the sun kindly shone without interruption. And whilst the Model was a-partying yesterday, the three of us were able to take a short trip over to Greenwich for lunch and a stroll. It's always a busy place to be but, even so, it was easy to leave the crowds behind as we walked along the river and then underneath it too .. great fun. The Maritime Museum is a sight to behold with its incredible Charles II (17th Century) architecture and manicured grounds and, of course, Greenwich is home to the famous Cutty Sark, last surviving tea clipper that not even a great fire could bring to an end. That impressive statue is of Sir Walter Raleigh, voted amongst the 100 greatest Britons, despite the fact he was executed by order of King James I. His head was embalmed and presented to his wife .. something I remind my own husband of, given he also spends too much time in the New World!

Happy week to you.


brooching the subject

I had the long anticipated break with my parents the other weekend and what a great time I had, I really should do that more often. I was very lazy I'm afraid, catching up on sleep, a spot of reading and enjoying good home cooked food. On the first morning I went out for a stroll seeing as the day was gloriously warm and sunny. I love walking along the seafront and breathing in the fresh ozone that's there for the taking .. we don't get much of that in London! But you know, the weather during the rest of the weekend took a turn for the worse which pleased me immensely .. after all, what a perfect excuse to stay in and knit!

I discovered the brilliant Rowan Winter Warmers in my local yarn shop recently, and can't recommend it highly enough. But despite the name, I confess I couldn't wait any longer and got stuck in over the weekend for a quick fix and a practice with the dpns.

I made up a couple of brooches, the first of many projects I'll be doing, you can be sure of that. Both are knitted in soft and snuggly Lima which is pure joy to knit with and I chose good Autumnal shades and then stitched vintage glass pearls into the centre of the flower once I got back. More details on my Ravelry page if you're interested.

Thank you for your kind thoughts about my pouches, it's always a thrill to get so much encouragement. Thanks also for the suggestions on my blog commenting problems. When I try to comment on blogs with an embedded format, I don't see any profile options so I can't go any further. I currently use Safari but will get the main man to put me onto Firefox, see if that makes a difference, thanks Pomona.

Is it nearly the weekend again already? Have a good one, everybody.