brooching the subject

I had the long anticipated break with my parents the other weekend and what a great time I had, I really should do that more often. I was very lazy I'm afraid, catching up on sleep, a spot of reading and enjoying good home cooked food. On the first morning I went out for a stroll seeing as the day was gloriously warm and sunny. I love walking along the seafront and breathing in the fresh ozone that's there for the taking .. we don't get much of that in London! But you know, the weather during the rest of the weekend took a turn for the worse which pleased me immensely .. after all, what a perfect excuse to stay in and knit!

I discovered the brilliant Rowan Winter Warmers in my local yarn shop recently, and can't recommend it highly enough. But despite the name, I confess I couldn't wait any longer and got stuck in over the weekend for a quick fix and a practice with the dpns.

I made up a couple of brooches, the first of many projects I'll be doing, you can be sure of that. Both are knitted in soft and snuggly Lima which is pure joy to knit with and I chose good Autumnal shades and then stitched vintage glass pearls into the centre of the flower once I got back. More details on my Ravelry page if you're interested.

Thank you for your kind thoughts about my pouches, it's always a thrill to get so much encouragement. Thanks also for the suggestions on my blog commenting problems. When I try to comment on blogs with an embedded format, I don't see any profile options so I can't go any further. I currently use Safari but will get the main man to put me onto Firefox, see if that makes a difference, thanks Pomona.

Is it nearly the weekend again already? Have a good one, everybody.


  1. Gorgeous Kate, love them, just right for this time of year!!!! The yarn is delish and they're beautifully made!!:)
    I'm definitely in an autumn frame of mind now (I finally have let summer go ~ there's always next year!!!).
    I use Internet Explorer to view most things as it automatically comes up on my laptop but when I write my blog I use Firefox, it's definitely better!
    Happy weekend Kate,
    Vivienne x

  2. love these knit brooches.i'll check out your ravelry page...
    i've been having a lazy week too~ i think everyone deserves a little break sometime to recharge their batteries :)
    love your pouches-i'm a fan-and still love mine!

  3. a beautiful autumnal brooch! I too have been autumn knitting today, sat in a sunny spot with some Rowan creative focus worsted and strongly ignoring the kitchen that needs a clean...

  4. I love that top picture, just beautiful! You have a good weekend too! Ada :)

  5. I'm so glad you had a good break and I think your flower brooch is so very, very pretty. What a beautiful colourway you have used. Autumn and knitting are a match made in Heaven, aren't they? I'm sorry you've been having problems with naughty Blogger...

    Have a great weekend.


  6. I adore your cosy woollen autumn brooches, they really look great on winter outfits there. Happy weekending Kate!

  7. I adore Lima - so soft and snuggly. I must have a look at the colours again for a spot of gift knitting.

  8. I love the purple flower with the pearls beautiful, just beautiful. - Annie

  9. Love the brooch - such a shame the pattern is part of a book and not available for download singly...


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