postcards from greenwich

Yuck! What a horrid day it has been today, a complete contrast to the weekend when the sun kindly shone without interruption. And whilst the Model was a-partying yesterday, the three of us were able to take a short trip over to Greenwich for lunch and a stroll. It's always a busy place to be but, even so, it was easy to leave the crowds behind as we walked along the river and then underneath it too .. great fun. The Maritime Museum is a sight to behold with its incredible Charles II (17th Century) architecture and manicured grounds and, of course, Greenwich is home to the famous Cutty Sark, last surviving tea clipper that not even a great fire could bring to an end. That impressive statue is of Sir Walter Raleigh, voted amongst the 100 greatest Britons, despite the fact he was executed by order of King James I. His head was embalmed and presented to his wife .. something I remind my own husband of, given he also spends too much time in the New World!

Happy week to you.


  1. I would love to visit the Maritime Museum at Greenwich again. Last time was to do research in their archive.

    Kate do you have exactly the same problems seeing options on the main pages of blogs and the individual post pages? And if you're switching browsers can I suggest Chrome. So many blogs are Google blogs (Blogspot) and Chrome is Google's browser, so there really should be no compatibility issues.

    1. I only browse on Google Chrome and have had no issues so far.

  2. Kate, fabulous pics. You are so fortunate to have all that London offers on your doorstep. Oh, and its fabulous that you do embrace what it has to offer. I can't believe I missed your last post...oh my giddiness, I adore your autumnal coloured brooches and have been drooling over the Rowan Winter Warmers brochure/booklet. You also added your pretty bead touches which gives the flower a beautiful touch of class. If only I had more time in the day! I might just be tempted to purchase that booklet, all the patterns look super scrummy, thanks for sharing xox Penelope
    ps. It sounded like the perfect weekend with your parents.

  3. Oh my word, thanks to Annie and her browser know-how I am now 'back in the game' for Chrome is very definitely the way to go! Blogger comments boxes, I'm on my way ..

  4. I can't believe you've had horrid weather today, it's been glorious here. That doesn't happen very often.

  5. Beautiful photos Kate!
    The last time we were in London (2 years ago)we visited Greenwich and I loved it, such an amazing place.
    We had brilliant weather today, really sunny!
    Vivienne x

  6. Hubby and I were only talking about Greenwich over the weekend - in a must visit kind of way.

    I love that first picture.

    Nina x

  7. I love your postcards! I hope I can visit Greenwich one day! Your photos are lovely, I believe I can feel the chill too.

  8. I love Greenwich, I wa born there and lived there again for a year when I was at a nearby dance school. I went to a conference there a few years ago and it had changed loads. Wonderful pictures, and lots of memories :-)

  9. Lovely photos :) We've never been to Greenwich something we ought to rectify sometime soon I think :)

  10. It's years and years since I visited Greenwich - it was one of my first dates with my then boyfriend, now husband. Twenty five years ago (I was a teenager! Honest!) yikes. I see Greenwich hasn't changed, even if we have!

  11. Lovely photos thanks for the outing. I seem to have missed your previous post love your little brooches.

  12. Hello Kate,
    Thanks for sharing your lovely outing and fine pictures with us....
    Never been to Greenwich and would be interested too, perhaps next time we visit your neck of the woods!
    Love the photo of the Cutty Sark, wow!
    Wishing you a little of our autumnal weather Kate, as it is just perfect today!!
    LoVe Maria x

  13. *whispers* born and bred Londoner here and have never been to Greenwich. Oh the shame : (

  14. It's years since I went to Greenwich. Such beautiful formality! C.x

  15. Beautiful photographs Kate...especially the first pic!
    Hope you're having a lovely Sunday,
    Susan x


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