floral linen dress

Another linen retrieved from the bowels of the cupboard that is my fabric stash. One so greedily hoarded although, unlike others, one that has enjoyed being taken out and lovingly pondered over, followed by much contemplation over whether to cut or not to cut. Then finally its time came.

But first I made myself a toile, and then another, before its day of reckoning. The fabric is a medium weight linen, real quality stuff with a wonderful drape and as it happens, perfect for this dress. It was also perfect for Italy's heatwave because of the loose fit, however when I make a second I'll include darts for a more fitted version I think. Oh, and I used French seams, my new favourite thing and especially brilliant for linen with its tendency to fray.

The photos were taken in a deserted Piazza San Rufo, Rieti, considered to be the very centre of Italy. And boy it was hot.

But nothing a gelato couldn't sort out!

Have a lovely week, everyone.


  1. Beautiful Kate, I loVe and wear this style myself, in a dress (you are clever indeed)
    Looking at your gorgeous post has made me reminiscent of our hol in Florence, boy it was HOT too and the ice cream, ohhh I want to go back again...
    Do you ever think of doing commission's for people Kate?
    I love your style!!
    wishing you a creative week full of inspiration...
    LoVe Mariax

  2. You're looking very Italian there Kate, if I may say so! :)
    Very pretty dress!!!
    I'm no seamstress by any stretch of the imagination but I do put French seams in my little rabbit skirts, it's so neat! (that's my OCD again!)
    There's that ice-cream again!!!!
    Vivienne x

  3. The dress has a Laura Ashley feel to it, but done in a modern, simplified way. I adore small sprig patterns, but always wonder how to do it in a non granny way. This is it!
    Gosh, that gelato looks incredible. How could you possibly chose a flavour??

  4. That looks very "English Lady Abroad" - I love it. x

  5. Beautiful dress! and gorgeous model! What a perfect setting. Loving your photos of Italy and so excited about your magazine feature my friend! I have missed quite a lot I see with my time away and "unplugged". Happy Summer days to you and yours!

  6. just an adorable dress!
    (and thank you for the reminder about making a muslin beforehand before cutting into precious liberty or linen ...)
    Barbara :)

  7. Your travel wardrobe is lovely, beautiful photo and the saltwaters are perfect.
    I feel like I am channelling EM Forster with such lovely views. Have a wonderful week as London breathes a sigh.

  8. I think your dress is lovely! I really need one just like that for these hot summer days. xox Happy new week to you.

  9. oh how lovely! dresses and gelato, recipe for a perfect day x

  10. It looks so cool and comfortable, Kate, and perfectly matched with the hat. I hope you have some hot days at home to enjoy it. T x

  11. So floaty and cool..and the gelato's look so yummy!

  12. Such a lovely dress - I just wish it was warm enough here for frocks! I seem to have been in jeans all summer - too depressing!

    Pomona x

  13. Delicious! The dress and the gelato. That really is gorgeous Kate :D

  14. ....and Salt Waters too.

    I love it and it looks so lovely, cool and comfy. Just my kind of dress for this time of the year.

    Nina x

  15. More pretties made by the very clever you Kate, and more deliciousness to drool over, gelato that looks irresistable. Yum!
    I have been umming and ahhhing over saltwaters, maybe next summer, I am a little obsessed with clogs at the mo xox Penelope

  16. So pretty and cool looking. I love the fabric. And that gelato is an art form!

  17. mmm...delicious gelato and such a lovely dress!

  18. A sunny post ! I love your dress, and the fabric. I have nearly the same, but not enough for a dress...


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