How was it for us?

{Golden post box in honour of Helen Glover, Penzance girl and Gold Medallist rower. The lopsided King George VI  box is one of Royal Mail's oldest}

{Volleyball: Russia beat Tunisia}


 {Volleyball: Poland beat Argentina}

{Mexican supporter}

{Quarter Final: Mexico beat Senegal}

{Mexican waves}

{Semi Final: Mexico beat Japan}

{Filled to capacity}

{Olympic Stadium courtesy of John Lewis, Stratford City, and its Lego collection}

How was it for us?

What do you think?


  1. Pretty amazing I would say!!!! :)
    Nice to be able to say 'I was there'!
    I think those gold post boxes were a brilliant idea. Just love the lego stadium. :)
    Happy new week Kate,
    Vivienne x

  2. I loved it - watched all sorts of sports and enjoyed them all and I'm the least sporty person ever.

    Caught up on the closing ceremony this weekend - enjoyed that too.

    Would love to see one of the gold postboxes - I hope they stay gold forever :)

  3. The gold post box is so cool, I miss the Olympics, we were totally gripped!

  4. oh how sad - wish they stayed Gold forever! Loved the Olympics and all really missing it now! x

  5. I take it you had a good time? Love the Lego stadium and we have a gold postbox nearby in Sherborne - I did wonder how long they would remain gold.

  6. What a fabulous set of pictures to add to your memories - it certainly was a hit all round.

  7. I watched the edited highlights of the opening ceremony on Saturday and wished it was all about to start again.

    The gold postboxes are a brilliant idea. By the way, there's a VR postbox outside the catherdral in Worcester -much older :-)

  8. Oh I squealed when I saw this post pop up in my reader! Your photos are wonderful and capture the spirit and excitement so well. I read about the gold postboxes, I am so glad you included a photo of one and the lego too! I suspect it was just epic.

  9. Cor - look at those lenses.

    It was fun and tiring all rolled into one - we haven't had that much sport in our house since well....forever.

    They did do good though.

    Nina x

  10. Blooming heck that Staduim looks big!!
    what a fab post!!
    The post boxes are just the best for the best! hehe..
    Have a week full of fun.
    LoVe Maria x

  11. Without a television it was hard to watch since online viewing requires a television passcode. Anyhow, I did go to a friends to see the opening ceremonies and 2 nights of gymnastics. Can I just say that it was just AMAZING to have London host the olympics!!! Loved the opening ceremonies and loved every bit I got to see and hear about how things went. Grand job UK!

  12. Wonderful set of pictures....it all worked so well, didn't it? I loved the opening ceremony :) Looks like you had an amazing time there, Kate.....such a lot of special memories!
    Helen x

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  15. A wonky golden letter box- fantastic! Looks like you had fun watching too!

  16. Hi Kate..I don't really know what the cubes are, I think probably just bread dough in different colours..white and wholemeal..and it is just kneaded a special way and put in the tins in a particular fashion...it's quite an amazing effect isn't it? I reckon all of the colours used at the olympics made a great show. What a fantastic experience.


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