Looking back over the last few posts I can see there's been a whole heap of sewing around here recently but, and I can't quite believe this, our schools break up next week for the Summer and experience tells me it's all about to come to an abrupt end. Just time to slot this one in and maybe one more, with luck.

I found some pretty cotton gauze in a local sewing shop recently and thought it would be ideal for the Model this Summer. But it's really quite lightweight and given the white background, not great for a dress so it's been sitting on the shelf. Also on that shelf has been a copy of Suzanne by French company Citronille. I bought it about 18 months ago but then read about Citronille's sizing being a little off, and it never came out of the packet. But time and time again I've wondered about this cute little pattern and when it suddenly occurred to me that, with these muggy nights, the Model could do with a light nightdress, I thought I'd give Suzanne a whirl and use that single gauze.

It was the quickest little dress I have ever made. And a joy to do as well because its construction is so different from the dresses I'm used to. Despite the instructions being in French, they are accompanied by very concise illustrations. In short, this beautifully drafted pattern works, it all slots together just like a well made jigsaw. The Model is a slender aged 9 and I made a size 8 which fits beautifully. I think a larger size would fall off the shoulders, however, when I make a dress version I'll add some length as this one is just overlocked at the bottom.

I'm quite fired up to make another actually, perhaps in linen with a floral panel at the yoke. Or vertical stripes for the body and sleeves, horizontal for the yoke? Ooh, the possibilities ..

Happy weekend everyone. See you next week!


  1. Lucky girl to have such a clever mummy! Lovely simple design and as you say can be made up in so many different ways - looking forward to seeing them all!

  2. Such a pretty little design and the sweetest fabric too! Clever mum! :) Of course you're very lucky to have a wonderful Model too!
    Happy weekend Kate,
    Vivienne x

    1. Thank you Vivienne. And raisins seem to do the trick!

  3. I love this dress, the sleeve is one of my favourite details. Beautiful work. Happy summer break! our school break starts today.

  4. Kate, I love this. Really beautiful and the perfect fabric. I have just made a pair of PJ bottoms for Isabella and would now like to make her something like this. Truly gorgeous. Well done you xx

  5. It's adorable! The Model, the fabric, the pattern... everything!
    Happy summer holidays!

  6. I just love this fabric - summer pinks - and a cute pattern too.

  7. Simple, sweet and soooo pretty. Gosh, I remember when my mum used to make all mine and my sister's summer dresses in South Africa. So lovely to see this still happens and what a cute little model, not to mention the delicate fabric. Thanks so much for sharing xox Penelope

  8. So sweet. My girls are horribly fussy about nightwear but I could see this being a very cute summer tunic with some shorts. Hmmmmm.

  9. Oh such a pretty little dress..perfect for a hot summer's day. The fabric is darling. xoxo

  10. Now that is one pretty nightie, and I love the idea of the differently aligned striped linen for the dress.

    So long since my kids were interested in me sewing for them. Though apparently Ill be allowed to make the girls' wedding dresses when the time comes, eek!

  11. This looks so very pretty, beautiful fabric and such a lovely style!
    Helen x

  12. A pretty little nightie - and a great way to test a pattern. This will make a lovely "real" dress, too.

  13. Hi..this little nightdress looks very fresh and light, perfect for hot summer nights! I love the raisin packet in her hands. We had packets of those raisins when I was a child growing up in NZ...I have missed their caramel goodness here in Australia!


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