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As well as recently choosing the country for our summer holiday destination this year, I now have another reason to love Italy.

One of my Iona tunic dresses (here and here) is currently on its way over there after a lady found my website by searching Google for 'Irish linen dresses' and this blog post popped up.

She asked about alternative Irish linens and after a few suggestions, this one was chosen, which is quite possibly my favourite. I just love the purpley/beige colours; subtle, muted, earthy and precisely how I like it.

It just goes to show the importance of a title and wording of your post, especially in that opening paragraph. There is lots of advice out there about keeping SEO operating to maximum efficiency for online shops and this order reinforced the advice tenfold for me. But I've naively never really played the SEO game before .. is it something you ever think about?

Today I'm going to do a mini blitz on the garden where the interminable rain has strengthened those pesky weeds. Then I shall head off to the Model's sports day, which hopefully won't get rained off. Unlike the Boy's, whose school had four attempts before theirs finally happened! What are you up to?


  1. Result! Well done....never really thought about seo optimisation, but then I've nothing to sell! So glad the fair went well too.

    Mist, mizzle, rain here in PZ, the Mount is hidden from view. It's gloomy!

  2. Weyhey, well done! I had to look up what SEO meant so you can be sure I have no clue.

    I am attacking the jungle of my garden ready for a new shed to go in. I need to find the old one first.

  3. Well done, you! How great that a stylish Italian will be wearing one of your creations. I'd be well chuffed.
    Good luck with the garden!

  4. So beautiful and understated. I love your sewing.

    I do think about my post titles and whether they will come up in search results. For instance my last post was about cooking for the freezer. I'm sure if I'd called it 'cooking for your freezer' it would get more visits, but I like to think up clever titles so I called it 'feeding the freezer' which probably means it will not come up in searches on freezer cooking.

    I wrote a post on crocheting granny squares once and called it 'vintage grannies'. I visits from people not looking for crocheted squares. I changed the title.

  5. Hi Kate,
    Soo pleased for you!
    We fell in love with Italy, last year, when we visited florence.....
    The Italians do have a style unique to them selves....
    I am hoping the sun shines for your little ones events...
    I am off to work, am afraid, but it never feels like work, as
    I work in the most beautiful shop.....
    Have a week full of fun!!
    Maria x

  6. beautiful dress!
    i think about titles and so forth for my shop but not so much for the blog...i may be rethinking that in the future ;)

  7. Beautiful dress Kate, good old Irish Linen, what can I say!!! ;)
    I know Etsy always stress the impotance of your item title and the first line of description, just shows how it can work for you.
    Good luck with the weather, just as well sports day isn't here that's all I can say and we have Her Majesty visiting too!!!
    Vivienne x

  8. It is my boys sports day today too and so far no rain. He's at that age where I am not welcome to watch!
    Good luck with future SEO optimisation, whatever that it!

  9. Beautiful linen, Kate! And very delicate summery dress. I love all your creations :o) You are so talanted lady :o)
    Hope the sun will shines for you, It`s raining too here in Moscow and cold. Brrrrr... So we`re staing at home for all day. And after a kid`s birthday party I need get some rest :o) So, today I visited some of my lovely friends in blogland :o)
    Have a sunny and warm day

  10. How exciting to think your beautiful dress will be worn under an Italian sky :D

    I am guilty of knowing all about SEO but mostly ignoring it. Like Sue, I'd rather have fun with my titles. Might be different if I had something to sell directly though.

    Hope the day stayed dry x

  11. Cute!!!!! I love linen garments. Simple, neat, elegant and very fresh, It's going to be perfect to walk around Italy!
    My nderstanding of SEO is nil ... I can' t help.

  12. Oh, i imagine a nice regency-dress made from this fabric :)
    (sorry i am so in historical-sewing at these last weeks :)) )

    lots of greetings and all the best!


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