Knowing that my time is limited before hanging up the tools and the materials for the school holidays, I've been focussing on simplicity. Actually, I've been working on a pattern which, when done, will be simple enough too but for now, I'm taking the time to get right.

So, in my window of opportunity, I got together vintage glass and vintage fabric. Greens, reds, blues.

And florals.

Talking of greens and reds, what do you think of these strawbs brought back from the farmers' market last weekend? We were told that spray free = insects walking over growing fruit = grooves. The mind boggles.

Has anyone got any decent weather out there? The radio presenter says the country will have a month's worth of rain over the course of this weekend, although probably not here in London. That's the best we can hope for, it is Summer after all!

Mind you, tomorrow afternoon we shall all be glued to the TV screen .. go Murray, go Murray ..


  1. Beautiful pieces! I love the touch of lace trim on the pouch too. It is so hot in our parts right now. It has felt like 38 degrees for over a week. The gardens are suffering. Enjoy the match!

  2. Good lord, what peculiar strawberries! I'm unbelievably excited about the tennis and I don't even like tennis.

  3. Ha ha, those insects must have had a lot of fun walking all over those strawbs! Lovely photos.

  4. I left my country at 40 degrees and am in Greece where it feels like 50 degrees.Lots of sun block applied and water drank, still we are having the time of our lives! Sending some good weather over there!
    As for the fabric and glass - they are amazing! The pouch is a stunner!!

  5. Love your bracelet and pochette. Your strawberry purchase seems to have had more than its fair share of mis-shapen ones. I dare say they tasted delicious though? We have had rain, rain and more rain and the roads round here are flooded in places - will it ever stop? Enjoy the tennis and here's hoping for a British win.

  6. Love those fabrics together, the red floral and denim work perfectly.....I find it hard to understand the insect-groove link, but I bet they still tasted scrummy!

  7. Oh that is a beautiful bracelet Kate, love,love,love it!!!
    That little bit of lace on your purses is so pretty, it always says Harmony and Rosie!
    After a wet start we got warm sunshine, thankfully.
    Hope the sun shines on Andy tomorrow when he picks up the trophy. ;)
    Vivienne x

  8. I am American, but I, too, am rooting for Murray. That would be wonderful for him to win! Love the story!

  9. ooh what lovely treasures you've made, I know what you mean about using the available time before the hols, sadly my sewing room is taking second place to a long standing promise to decorate the living room........

  10. Hi Kate,
    I soo loved the pretty bracelet and again your fabrics are wonderful!
    What interesting Strawberries too....
    Hope they taste as good!
    Yep we will all be glued to the screen later today,there is alot going on in Old Blighty at the mo, maybe it is our year...ooohh!
    Wishing you a Sunday of Fun..
    Maria x

  11. I must say that our unsprayed strawberries are of a perfectly normal shape even with walking insects, although woodlice and slugs like to eat them too.
    Poor Andy, he put up a good fight didn't he?
    The little green bracelet is lovely.
    Have a good week.

  12. They look more like coral than strawberries! I don't spray mine at the allotment but I've never had such amazing shapes, perhaps my insects have lighter feet :)x

  13. Hi, Kate! Love the green bracelet and the red-blue purse as well! Your strawberries look like some of main :o)
    wishing you have a happy and sunny week

  14. Apple greens and reds.

    What bizarre looking strawbs - I don't think it's the rain that's done this.....the ones we've grown look normal - without any chemicals at all.

    Nina x

  15. How big were the insects feet?!

    The bracelet is so pretty, I adore that pale 'jade' green :D

  16. That bracelet is beautiful, lovely color!
    We have actually got a bit of real summer this week, though the past month of wet and weird has been tough on the tomatoes, I don't think we'll be canning them this year. I missed the strawberries (wonky and otherwise) entirely this year!

  17. oh your green glass bracelet looks amazingly stunning. And those berries...well they are fun looking I bet they are sweet.! Our weather is finally good over here in Vancouver...yahooo....but I will not hold my breath. xoxo

  18. I am over here in Florida. It's been hot with rain each afternoon around four. I would love to be growing strawberries a cute as yours. How sweet! What are you doing to make them so precious. They look as though they are going to taste yummy. *!*

  19. No decent weather here either Kate, just lots of rain but with a teeny respite over the weekend.

    We've had a bumper strawberry harvest here - really lovely big juicy ones - I think all this rain has been good for them. Those shapes are pretty weird!

    Hope the weather improves for your holiday.


  20. Morning sweet friend...just wanted to let you know I put up a link to that jam recipe I posted about the other day...so many want it! Enjoy and happy jam making...and happy weekend. xo


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