wild roses

The tropical weather we've been having lately has meant I'm pretty much up straight with the mountains of washing accumulated during the 'rainy season'. I know it's doubtless a sign of getting older but it feels so good, do you know where I'm coming from?

Another thing about this summer temperature is the longing to be by the sea, to feel its cooling breeze and to get some ozone. Here in London there isn't a whole heap of that to take in so I've changed my banner as a reminder every time I tune in to this little space of mine. On the flip side, however, the heat has kept me inside much of the time which can only mean one thing ..

I haven't made a single purse in oh such a long time, tut tut, but I've been asked to take a stall at a street market next month and thought I'd give it a whirl. I've not done one before. I've thought about it though, been invited to do it .. but somehow never jumped in. I blame the Husband's travels, then there are child care issues or going away for the holidays but really and truly, I think it's a lack of self confidence that's kept me away. Any advice on holding craft stalls would be so much appreciated by the way, the more guidance the merrier please?

Nevertheless, purses need making and I have the fabrics and zips. My mum gave me some of her Liberty lawn a while back, she'd been holding onto it for years and then, it goes without saying, so did I and now it's vintage! I finally decided to cut into it once I'd realised there wasn't quite enough to make the top I had in mind. For the purses I chose a couple of gloriously old French cottons, one a barkcloth and both featuring wild roses. They are both so lovely in their own right but barkcloth will always hold a special place in my heart, I just love that texture.

Needless to say they have gone into the shop, which I have neglected for far too long now .. too much dressmaking I imagine. And now I must get back to my endeavours, the garage have just warned us of a hefty repair bill for the engine light that keeps coming on and I'm already thinking it's going to take more than a few purses to sort that one out!

 See you all soon.


  1. They are lovely ! I know what you mean about craft fairs, i am too much of a wimp to try one yet, one day I will do one :-) I am sure you will love it when you get there. I would say as someone who goes to many to make sure you price things up, no prices really puts me off. Also your purses would look lovely presented in little wicker baskets. x


  3. When I see barkcloth it always takes me straight back to my childhood and an old aunts house, where there were barkcloth curtains everywhere!
    Your purses are beautiful Kate. :)
    Best wishes for the fair!
    Vivienne x

  4. Hello,
    Your work is individual and lovely..
    Don,t be afraid to have the oppotunity to show case it!
    It can be a little daunting at first, but you meet such like minded folk at these events!
    I agree with the comment above, love barkcloth!

  5. oh so lovely! I've only done a few craft fairs, but I certainly found that little inexpensive items sell the best...

  6. Love your purses, Kate! Don`t know why but I think they look a bit French :o) (For craft fair: realy I never participate in it, but I`d like to. for me, your purses will look great with something vintage and some garden flowers- bright purses+pastel vintage)

  7. Oh my, I am smitten with your wild rose purses! I have no advice, but I wish you all the luck, I'm sure you will be a hit!

  8. Lovely fabrics Kate. I have done some craft sales before, and I find that they can be hit or miss. You never know who your audience will be that day. I think having a nice mix of lower priced items, along with the higher priced items seems to work well. People like to be able to pick up several things from different vendors. Having items clearly priced, displayed and packaged well is important. People are drawn to nice looking tables. Try making the best use of your table by having items at different levels using old wood boxes, suitcases, etc. Best of luck! I'm sure that you will do really well:)

  9. what gorgeous fabrics you have use for your sweet purses, sorry can't help on stall advice but i think your beauties will sell like hot cakes!
    i am totally with you on the washing :o)
    love jooles x

  10. Your purses really are lovely, I use my little blue bird one all the time! Good luck with the stall Kate.

  11. First things first! I love your banner and it is good for gearing brain waves into that mood :P
    Next are those stunning fabrics you flash now and then - I love stopping by and admiring them.
    As for the stall, I think you should definitely do it because you make gorgeous stuff, but I wouldn't have any advice since I haven't participated in anything such. I am eager to read what other, experienced stall renters have to say about it though! Good luck!

  12. Hello Kate

    Gosh, I can see why you hoarded that rose fabric away, it's so romantically beautiful, I'm sure these will sell very well. I haven't done a store before but a friend has and she says you have to be a little "thick skinned" as people will happily comment both positive and negatively!! right in front of you. Just a little warning really. I'm sure you will only get positive comments as your makes are no short of stunning. I would love to have a peek at your fabric collection, maybe a photo peek one day? Take care and enjoy getting all your washing done, i'm definitely with you on that one xox Penelope

  13. Beautiful vintage fabrics Kate...I love them...Your purses are so pretty. I hope you have lots of fun at the street market. It sounds so much fun and I'm sure you will have no problems selling your lovely makes.
    Wishing you a happy Jubilee weekend,
    Susan x
    P.S Lovely header..I'm dreaming of being there too!

  14. these are so pretty! good luck with the stall :)


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