It's all about the Jubilee in London right now.

It's so uplifting to see the Union Jack bunting festooned in shop windows and outside in the street. Large UJ flags hanging from windows. UJ packaging in the shops. Even the schools are getting in on the act. Both the children are involved in street parties today, oh to be a fly on the wall, and it is 'home clothes' day. For the Model it is all about the red, white and the blue, so I made a quick dress for her to wear. It was very simple, just a front and two halves at the back. No additional sleeves but a little trim at the neckline and a button loop at the back. I didn't want to make too much effort as I don't see her wearing this much but all the same, I'm hoping she'll wear it when we go to the Olympic Games this summer; waving her flag as she cheers on .... oh wouldn't it good if it were team GB?

And that lovely boyo of mine? British fiction it is for him and his mates. Britain's finest ..


Happy Jubilee weekend x


  1. Oh I so wish I was across the pond. We have had my husband's mammoth Union Jack flying on the front of our house all week. The kids look perfect, what a historic moment. Happy Jubilee!

  2. Such a lovely little dress Kate and I love the addition of the red shoes and white socks. Great idea for your son too!

    Happy Jubilee weekend!


  3. I don't ever remember my local town looking as wonderful as it does this week with its UJs on every building. The Model looks her patriotic best too!

  4. Cute dress! Where did you get the fabric from? Hope you enjoy the celebrations this weekend. xx

  5. This is the sweetest dress ever! My favourite jubilee ensemble by far...I doubt "Kate" will top it at the GEEGEES tomorrow! I hope you don't mind I have included it on my Pinterest board celebrating all things, well you know! There is a link on all the photos on my blog...have a brilliant long weekend. We are off Westwards...

    Sarah -x-

  6. I am so jealous of the Model, I would love a dress like that!!
    It's at times like this I wish I lived nearer to London, the atmosphere must be amazing.
    However I'm doing my best here, there is red, white and blue everywhere. ;)
    Have a wonderful Jubilee weekend Kate,
    Vivienne x

  7. Happy celebration, Kate! Lovely dress and your Model is so sweet :o)
    Have a happy weekend

  8. Ha! What a great dress! Happy Jubilee!


  9. What a charming post, Kate. Your children look adorable...the dress is so pretty, simple and sweet and the fabric is perfect. Love your very own little Harry Potter too!
    Wishing you a happy Jubilee weekend!
    Helen x

  10. That's a fab dress - honestly it is absolutely the bees knees.

    We were told 'specifically' - even though the celebrations have been ongoing all week.....I think these teacher were on a one week long party - NOT to go out and buy anything for their school Jubilee activities, just to use what we have at home to hand.

    Middle daughter took the word to the letter so I had to try and sneak the odd thing in by saying it was for Sunday and so we already had it....even though I had gone out and bought specifically.

    Sorry - that a bit 'phew'

    Anyway have fun with all the merriment - are you going anywhere near the crowds?

    Have a lovely weekend - we've got rain!

    Nina xxx

  11. Hello Kate,
    Thank you soo kindly for your sweet words on my blog recently.
    I will keep you posted if I am lucky enough to recieve a message.
    Again a lovely post from you, soo love the material on the liitle dress, modeled so wonderfully!
    Have a lovely weekend celebrating and perhaps a Pimms or two..(I know I will)
    Maria x

  12. And a happy Jubilee weekend to you too Kate. Loving the Union Flag dress :D

  13. A lovely Jubilee post Kate!...I hope you are all having lots of fun celebrating...It really is wonderful to see all the bunting around and beautifully decorated shop windows...all so uplifting! The dress is lovely and will be a special memory of the celebrations in the years to come. I have to say those red shoes are beautiful too and how wonderful to have your very own Harry Potter!
    Susan x

  14. Kate, my daughter saw your Jubilee Dress and ask me to tell you: "WOW! Cool! Superbe!" :o) She`s 13 y.o.
    Natasha & Maria

    1. Thank you, that is so cool!
      Maria - you have great taste xx


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