I've worked out the reason for the sudden heatwave here in the UK and I'm telling you it's me you have to thank for it. Has it been worn? Nope and right now I'm thanking my lucky stars the thing turned out too big!

Of course the onset of Summer is as good a reason as any to make some new clothes and this week I set to work on a shift dress for my growing girl. She chose Liberty's Tatum from the cupboard, bought from the wonderful Fabrics Galore, and then she decided on a little adornment in the form of a black lace collar. The dress, which is as straightforward as they come, is from Girls' Everyday Dress and there are some very sweet ones in this book. I lined it with cotton voile because I thought the collar might weigh the fine tana lawn down otherwise.

We have a lot of fun together, eyeing up my fabric selection and I've got to hand it to her, she's far more decisive than I'll ever be. She manages to chose a pattern, the fabric, any embellishment, etc in the blink of an eye and what's more remains consistent. Letting her loose on the button tin is always a bit high risk though, like mother like daughter I suppose, but this time she settled on a plain 'mop' purple one.

Do you like my new chair? It's not really new, just new to me and in fact it's very old. It belonged to the Husband's paternal grandmother, who did all the tapestry herself and then had it upholstered. I have to confess I've had my beady eyes on this beauty for many years and then just the other day the Husband brought it back in the boot of the car after visiting his mother. A wonderful surprise as you can imagine and I love the idea that this heirloom chair will be passed down to one of our two in years to come .. hopefully the Model's feet will touch the floor by then!

Happy weekend, bloggy buddies. I'm off to buy coconuts for my boy's scout fete this weekend. We're in charge of the shy! What are you up to?


  1. Have a great weekend and enjoy your heatwave. The addition of the black lace is extraordinary and your heirloom chair is such a treasure. You have lovely chairs in your home, I also like your ticking one :) and the ones with the grain sacks!

  2. Wow, doesn't she have sophisticated taste, that Model of yours!!!
    So you are responsible for the heatwave, I though it was me bringing the weather home with me!! ;)
    Have a lovely weekend Kate, another wedding fair for us this weekend! Hopefully a quite scoot around it and back out into the sunshine!
    Vivienne x

  3. That would be 'a quick scoot' and not a quite one!!! lol
    V x

  4. I agree! The black lace is a phenomenal embellishment and makes the dress stunning!And you are right about the chair! It is a piece worth cherishing! Lucky you!
    After having two working Saturdays in a row, this Saturday I will allow myself a little laziness :)
    Have a grand weekend!

  5. Gorgeous little dress, you super talented soul ... your sewing machine must be smoking! And that chair is wonderful, it's just the kind of thing I'd love but I don't have the kind of house that will do it justice.

    What am I doing? Planning a weekend away next spring ... pop over to my blog for a look see ;D

  6. What pretty fabric perfect for your model! It's the Husband's 60th birthday party this evening so thank you for the beautiful weather, we shall be able to spill outside.

  7. Hello! what a lovely blog! Making me miss those fun, British summer fetes and fun. have a wonderful day, I'm off to read more of your posts :)
    Helen, from WG Designs

  8. What a sweet dress and model too, Kate! Your dress looks just perfect with that black lace! Love it :o)

  9. OOOh! The cutest thing! The fabric and this gorgeous lace collar, I love this dress!


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