moments to treasure

It was breakfast in bed for me this morning. Made, decorated and delivered, complete with menu and cards, by the children. Bliss.

Happy Mothers' Day to my own lovely mother. And to all other mothers out there .. whether you're in the UK or not!


  1. I had breakfast in bed too - however teenage boys don't do decorative detail! Lovely poached egg though.

  2. So sweet :) MrVV brought me a mug of tea in bed as the teenagers were still dead to the world!!

  3. How cute are those eggs with their bunnies on top! Oh how I miss the days when Mother's Day meant home made cards and such, mine are all far too old for that kind of thing! Happy Mother's Day Kate x

  4. how sweet, such blissful pics, happy mothers day ;0)x

  5. how sweet is that? Hope you enjoyed every last bit xx

  6. Awww, I love those happy eggs! :)
    Happy Mothers Day Kate!
    Vivienne x

  7. Love the menu idea!!! Very cool and those eggs....faberge eat your heart out!!!! So glad you were spoilt,

    Sarah -x-

  8. That looks so lovely.

    I had to double check yesterday that it was actually mothers day - with my pinny tied around my waist cooking a huge roast dinner for my brood......as they watched a movie!

    At least (for the first time in two years) my birthday didn't fall on Easter Sunday or mothers day so extra pressies 'yay!'.

  9. That is the cutest little egg I've seen!

    Luck mum!

    Fleur xx

  10. Adorable little smiley eggs....and love the bunny cosy too!
    Helen x

  11. Beautiful moment, that cozy is precious. I remember decorating eggs like that.


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