iona tunic dress

I won a giveaway recently, from Vera's beautiful small things simple pleasures blog and you'll never guess what but it took a mere four days to arrive from Australia. Isn't that incredible? I reckon you could easily wait that long for a parcel from the Outer Hebrides and that's really only just up the road and across a little bit of water. I'm thinking her previously loved tote will look perfectly at home with my tunic and new sandals. Did you notice them? Honestly these navy babies have just made it out of the box and already they fit like a glove and feel like a comfy old pair of slippers and I mean that in the best possible sense, I do!

Thank you Vera, your Ozzie beasts are most welcome in my wardrobe and you can rest assured they'll be out again soon enough, because Spring is well and truly on its way now. They may well not even notice the change in climate as we steam ahead into a drought, the like of which hasn't been seen in the UK for 124 years apparently and hose pipes will be banned within the next couple of weeks.

As for the tunic, that's the latest addition to the shop. A simple piece, it has a high boat-ish neckline, in-seam pockets and grown on sleeves. In other words, the sleeves are part of the body of the dress as opposed to separate entities that are the more usual. It makes for a more economical use of fabric and results in a casual piece of clothing which, for the upcoming (hopefully) warm summer days can only be described as a good thing in my opinion. I might even consider extending the wearing by layering it up with a thin tee underneath or a chunkier cardi over the top, should the mood strike!

I bought several metres of a selection of linens not so very long ago and this is the result of one of them. It's Irish linen again .. and my goodness it drapes like a dream, is a treat to sew and I can't get enough of the stuff! By the way, it is my intention to add a size 14 to the drop down bar, only it takes a husband to sort out that kind of issue ... all in good time, says he. You can always drop me a line!

Happy Wednesday. I'm working on a lampshade today, what are you up to?


  1. I'm making felt roses with friends - what fun! enjoy your day x

  2. Another triumph, and such a soft, subtle colour, I love it :D

  3. You look very French today Kate! :) It's lovely!
    In answer to your question, I want to crochet but I've got mundane things to do first. :(
    Vivienne x

  4. Hi, Kate! I`m so glad beeing back and visit again my lovely friends :o) Love your dresss in fresh color :o) It looks so romantic.
    Have a very nice day

  5. I've been crocheting a cupcake, as you do!

  6. Loved your blog totally :-)

  7. The tunic looks soft and dreamy!
    I am finishing up yet another flower tutorial. Never can have enough of those :)

  8. Love the tunic. Love the sandals. Love the pics. My Saltwaters have been perfect for the beach and I am sure yours will be too. Are you buying a pair for your model? My girls have some in gorgeous bright colours and they have worn really well.

  9. Your tunic is gorgeous, the fabric is so pretty and I love that simple design, very Japanese in the best possible sense :)

  10. Beautiful Kate...love the fabric choice as always and the calm neutral colours ...Oh, and your sandals look wonderfully comfortable!
    I have been tucked away working on a pattern for the last couple of weeks and so I am going out for a picnic and some fresh air today with hubby...taking some lovely quilting books along too!
    Hope you have a great weekend,
    Susan x

  11. Love the tunic and sandals combo. Such lovely colours together. Was thinking aren't they lovely most-probably-British sandals that'd I'd never find here and then I read Tracey's post! Ah, till spring little Saltwaters...

  12. Can I ask if you bought a size smaller for your Saltwater sandals? I've heard that they fit large. Nervous to order them online, then find that they don't fit:(

    1. Hi Miranda

      Thanks for popping by. I couldn't find a way to contact you direct so I hope you get the message here. I was a bit confused about sizing too, because UK sizing differs from that in the US/Canada, so I took advantage of a free p&p returns offer, ordered two different sizes and sent a pair back. I chose to go up one size with my Saltwaters but I have read on US internet sites that people tend to go down by about 2 sizes. I generally take a European size 38, British size 5, which I think is a US size 7.5. The size on the bottom of my sandals is a 6 and the fit is perfect. I hope this is some help to you.


    2. Thanks Kate. I usually take a 8.5, but with the online chart I found, it looks like I'll take a 7. Fingers crossed!


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