french fancies

I was so excited to find a large piece of vintage French cotton last weekend. Pristine condition, never used, still starchy in its newness and not a stain to be worked around. Naturally I snatched it up greedily and then, once it was washed and ironed, I set to work.

I just had a small amount of time to spare, not enough to get stuck into something all-consuming, so I made up a couple of purses to put into my little shop! They are lined with some denim-linen which was originally used for this dress and then, a little bit later on, this one, too. It's very satisfying to reuse fabrics from previous projects and it makes me feel a bit nostalgic for the times when those dresses were hot off the press, too.

I've been tagged a couple of times recently. Firstly by Natalia and then by Dawn at at home with red. Apologies, ladies, for being so slow in getting my act in gear and acknowledging your kindness publicly. I must tell you that my tardiness doesn't mean I'm not grateful because I most certainly am. And I really loved learning the requisite eleven things about you both but must confess I don't think I'll get round to answering and making up my own. Not unless I ignore all the things that need doing around the house before I can escape to the top of the house, where my sewing machine and other Monday to Friday, 9am to 3pm, life-enhancers live. Sorry.

My favourite person on this rather dull and grey day (with apologies to the husband) is Jane of the Handmade Jane blog. She was the first customer in my new shop and has very sweetly blogged about the chandelier earrings she bought from me last week. She is a fantastic seamstress, loves sewing from vintage patterns and with a passion for red, these earrings should be the perfect accompaniment. Thank you so much Jane x

So, wishing you a wonderful, bright and, with luck please oh please, warm Spring/Autumn weekend. Wouldn't that be heavenly?


  1. That piece of French cotton is lovely, what a find. A close friend lives in Marseille and recently sent me something similar (in a different colourway) the feel is wonderful. Wishing you a springlike weekend. The snowdrops are putting on their show in these parts.

  2. What beautfiul fabric Kate and beautifully made purses too! :)
    Have a great weekend and happy Mothers Day!
    Vivienne x

  3. what a fantastic find, looks great x

  4. What a lovely bit of fabric and it makes lovely purses.
    2012 is the year I will overcome my fear of sewing in zips...hopefully!

  5. Oh, the fabric is stunning! You are lucky to find this!!

  6. You've found a beautiful print. Can't imagine stumbling over something like that here!

  7. That fabric is perfect, love these :D


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