a first year

Official first birthday portraits. Alfie and Millie Mittens.

We still can't believe that these furry little beasts are today no longer kittens and have now reached cat-hood. The human equivalent is 15 years so I'm also hoping there's an end to the crazy behaviour (curtains spring to mind, grrr) that we have been privy to on the odd occasion. Also surprising is that they have been a part of our family since last December, doesn't time fly?

The following photos were taken, at just a few weeks old, by their 'foster mother' employed by the rescue home and sent to us shortly before they joined our family. Up till then we had no idea what they looked like. We just knew we were having a brother and sister, just like our own children!

By the way, thank you for your comments on my previous post. I really feel like I know you so much more now I know what you wear in bed at night!!

Happy weekend to you all.


  1. Happy birthday to your little cuties. They are adorable and quite the teenagers now eh? Ours are now 15 plus so quite ancient and are still capable of the odd burst of leaping about!

  2. Happy Birthday cute kitten-cats. 15 in human years? So this is where the answering back and staying out late begins ;D
    Seriously, given those two sweeties a birthday ear rub from me :D

  3. They're adorable, big or small! But there's nothing quite like the tininess of kittens is there? If I wasn't a pyjama person I'd want to make the same nightie, it's very elegant and I love the fabric, what a nice mummy you are. And I LOVE the check lampshade you made, gorgeous! Busy busy, you have been busy! Vanessa xxx

  4. They are so sweet! I have to say that I find kittens cuter than babies....
    Have a great weekend
    Isabelle x

  5. A whole year - gosh - that has gone quick. They still look adorable - little fluffy things.

    Nina x

  6. Lucky pusses - a whole year with your family. I'm sure they had some birthday treats.

  7. They have grown up so fast and become very lovely cats. Time has flown by. By the way..I'm a nightie person!

  8. Real cutties! My cat (well, it's acctually a stray that I have adopted when she was already pregnant) has just had 6 babies - wish I could find them all such loving homes and owners as these two have found. Happy Birthday, kitties.

  9. Happy Birthday Alfie and Millie Mittens! Give them a big squeeze from me. They're still as beautiful now as they were when they were tiny.
    Happy weekend Kate,
    Vivienne x

  10. Happy Birthday you cute little furballs!

  11. Oh my...Happy Birthday to Alfie and Millie....They are adorable Kate...(and they look so contented!)
    Wishing you all a lovely weekend,
    Susan x

  12. They are sweet and covetable, big or small although news of the curtain leaping does put me off!

  13. Oh the are adorable!
    gorgeous and so pretty as teenagers too!

  14. Alfie and Millie are well, just gorgeous! I love both of those names. x


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