wool and lace

It's cold now and all I want to do is throw on the woollens and stay as warm as possible. Getting out of bed in the morning is starting to become more difficult and it won't be long before the lure of the boiler switch reels me in. This year we shall challenge ourselves to see just how far we can go before the heating wins. I know that putting away the last pieces of Summer clothing, I'm already reaching for the cosier, comforting things to wear. And most definitely the tights! It's hard to believe that only last weekend we were slathering the sun cream on the children.

I'm finally feeling the need to reacquaint myself with a knitting project I started early last April, then put down during the premature Summer we enjoyed .. somehow never to be picked up again. Given it's meant for one of the children, I'm hoping there won't be any size issues to deal with!

And I want to sew warmer, thicker fabrics too. But, you know something, I've been at the grey again! French broderie anglaise on soft wool and a crocheted lace adorned purse that heralds the last of the tweed. I am certainly going to miss that!

Have you succumbed to Autumn now .. surely you must have?!


  1. I love this time of year and have just been thinking about when the heating will go on. I'm planning on holding out until the end of November. Everyone will just have to pop on an extra layer xx

  2. Yes I have succumbed to autumn...boots, woolly cardigans etc! The tweed purse looks so pretty and subtle. I love grey as a colour to wear, my wardrobe is full of grey knitwear...the various shades of grey yarn look so soft and enticing to me.
    Helen x

  3. I packed away all mine and the children's summer clothes yesterday which felt like a definite shift. And I've been wearing tights! Like you I'm going to see how long I can last before switching the heating on. I like it to be one season or another, so 29 degrees in October really mixed me up! x

  4. Well I've put some socks on, so 'bare foot in Crocs' time has I'm sorry to say passed! :(
    If it would only stop raining here I would be happy, sunny and nippy I can deal with!!
    I'm really loving your colours this morning Kate, the grey with the cream and a little hint of lilac is so very pretty. :)
    Happy new week,
    Vivienne x

  5. Oh Kate, I feel the same!!
    Just a couple of days ago I wore sandals and strappy tees and now I am bundled in a woolly sweater and freezing - we haven't turned on the heating yet.
    Love the marriage of lace and tweed!

  6. I love the combination of the lace and the tweed xx Ava

  7. We're now having the heat wave you had a week ago, so I've done all the boots/tights/jumpers only to find myself painting my toenails and going another round in my sandals. Bizarre, this weather business. (Lovely purses) C.x

  8. Yes indeed. I am sitting on the sofa with thick yellow socks on and a turquoise pullover looking quite delightful, I imagine!

    My knitting needles are to be heard clicking more often and my husband's voice may be heard shouting 'close that door, please!' for yes, we have succumbed to the heating as of two days ago.

    Have a beautiful week.

  9. I have had tights on, and the handknit socks today, so I must have1

    Pomona x

  10. The lace and the tweed are a lovely combination Kate. Really pretty purses.

    Doesn't time fly! I can't believe Alfie and Millie are a year old already. Sweet photos.

    I've just had a quick whizz round your Canada posts. What a grand holiday you had. Such adventures - a lovely memory for the children.

    Do you know its been quite warm here in Suffolk - windy and grey but warmish nevertheless and that heatwave was a cracker!



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