feeling lucky

There are a couple of projects very much on the go at the moment upstairs in my little room and my sewing machine has been on overdrive, whirring away day in, day out of late. Much vintage fabric has been cut into and the stash has perhaps the teeniest of dents in it today.

But reading Pipany's latest post reminded me that I was the lucky recipient of her recent giveaway and this is what I managed to bag.

This stunning book cover (complete with a fabulous quality notebook) has been embellished with Pipany's hand and machinery embroidery, and meticulously finished with some rosebud fabric which is making my heart swoon still further. (I'm borrowing Pip's photos because she very sweetly personalised my book which is being kept firmly under wraps, given a certain festive season is heading our way!)

And as if that isn't enough, I am also privy to one of her newly produced cards which I can vouch for, one hundred percent. Wonderfully glossy and extravagant to look at, they are the perfect size for cramming in as much gossip as possible.

Thank you Pip, they are absolutely beautiful and I am thrilled to bits.

As for my own recent creations, that'll have to wait till next time.

Happy Thursday x


  1. Lucky you, they're all so gorgous. Wonder what you've been up to though.

  2. Hello Kate,
    Worth the wait!!! Pip's work is lovely, and even better when you see it for real. Lucky indeed.

    Hope all's well. Any chance you're down again soon?

    D x

  3. You are so lucky. How wonderful to have something so pretty land in your letterbox! x

  4. Well don't leasve us hanging in suspense for too long!

  5. Lovely goodies - cn't wait to see what you make. xx

  6. Ahh, thank you Kate. Just so pleased you liked it (when it actually arrived!!). Have a lovely weekend sweet lady x

  7. Lovely note book cover and beautiful cards!

  8. There are so many talented people about - these are lovely.

  9. What a gorgeous win - well done! Can't wait to see your makes.

  10. Lucky you, what beutiful items!

    Looking forward to seeing what you make,

    Cate, x


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