Excuse me for bringing this up but am I allowed to mention there are 75 days to go? I know we haven't even reached the 25th October yet but quite frankly something's started to happen here that's completely baffling me ... it's called 'organisation'. Never before (it's normally a mad panic with only days to go), and I may of course be speaking too soon but these are the fruits of my labours these past few days, which I'm thinking will end up as gifts for teachers. Maybe!

I cut one of my husband's old tee shirts into strips and wound them round a wooden hanger. I then used this perfect vintage French rosebud fabric to make a cover a la Cath K. I love it so much and am definitely planning to do some more, although I will tweak the instructions a little bit next time. I think the ends need a bit of careful shaping to make them neater but aside from that, it works a treat.

And some more pouches to get the practice in. For these I cut into the vintage stash, finding some good, sturdy fabrics, and lined them with plain thick cream linen.

Yes, I am supposed to be doing other things but we're allowed the odd indulgence aren't we?

So tell me, have you started anything yet?


  1. Lovely hangers!

    I've got some socks on the go for MIL but to be honest they've been on the go since last may, i just think i've got a chance of finishing them in time for crimbo this year!

    cate, x

  2. I've got lists on the go Kate! Lots of ideas but i'm not sure how realistic it will be this year. Here's hoping and I love your makes x

  3. I am soooo behind - I don't know what's got into me this year - I am normally really organised!

    Love your indugence,

    Nina xxx

  4. No I haven't and I am determined not to give the C word a thought till much later on either! In France Christmas didn't put in an appearance until December and I mean to keep it that way here!! I will have to get my cards when they appear in the church I guess - the first year we were back I left it too late and they Charity shop had closed by the time I wanted any!

    I notice you cleverly didn't let us eee the ends of your hangers so no comment possible on those! They do look pretty though and I adore the little pouches especially the lovely nursery rhyme material ones.


  5. I haven't even thought about C..... but I suppose I should if I'm going to make things!!
    thanks for the nudge!
    PS I love the pouches

  6. These are all lovely, the Humpty Dumpty fabric is great. I wish I could be a bit more organised , I always manage to leave it all to the last minute.
    Ann x

  7. Lovely hangers. I think I might have a try of these, I have a load of old wooden coathangers to use. I've made a couple of things, but I think I might sit down and write a list of people I need to give gifts to and ideas of what to make for them.

  8. Ooh, I love all you have made! I so need to get organised. Perhaps once I get over this cold I can think about it.

  9. Im impressed! I think I might have to cancel Christmas here this year!

  10. I have given C a thought or two. It's not a favourite time of mine so I figure if I Get it all organised the heat might not bother me as much. So I'm sorting through in my mind and assigning people gifts so at least I'll know what I'm going to do. I guess that's a start.

  11. I have made aprons for all the females in the family this year and apart from that put away a few things picked up on sale. I am more organised this year than normal but I know it will still catch me by surprise and sneak up on me!

  12. Hello Kate
    Thank you for popping by :-)
    Of course I'm biased having bought the lovely Miss Fern, but I definitely recommend the Shepton Mallet Flea Market! There's also a very good one in Malvern, Worcs.
    Your purses are gorgeous - such lovely fabrics, and the coat hanger too. Like you, I'm already planning for the big C ... last year caught me out, so never again will I try to do it all in December!
    Happy days to you,
    Denise x

  13. Those hangers are lovely. How can you bare to cut into vintage fabrics? I now have my own vintage fabric, I have had it that long, honestly!
    I've always got things on the go. Today I got stuck into my hexagon quilt, been stitching most of the day, I really enjoyed it.

  14. Such pretty makes! They will make gorgeous gifts! Good idea about the tee shirt wadding! I have wanted to make some of these and thought I might wrap fleece around the coat hanger as I don't have wadding!
    Have a lovely day!
    Rachel x

  15. Would you believe I have written my cards!!!! I made them in January last year and wrote them the other night when hubby was at work when I was bored. I like to get to Christmas with nothing to do but eat, drink and be merry!!! I love your makes - especially the pouch with the shoe. xxxxxxx

  16. Thanks for visiting me, I have decided to become a follower of your blog as you are a fellow sewer and box giver!

  17. All of your makes are just lovely. No, I haven't dare think about Christmas, just yet. Your husband is in danger of having no clothes to wear! x

  18. How efficient to be thinking about Christmas already. And what lovely gifts you are making. The nursery rhyme fabric is absolutely gorgeous.

  19. I have been making some gifts for my present box and have started a list of the things I still need to make, but it's a long list! I love your hangers and might have a go at making some too for my sister.

  20. Gorgeous little bags! You are very good with that sewing machine ;-). Like the girlskirt of last Wednesday very much as wel...
    love, Maaike


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