zippered pouch

Whilst finding myself between projects I decided to turn my attention to something I've wanted to tackle for oh such a long time - the dreaded zipper. This one's been on the to-do list for so many months I decided it was high time to spring into action and just go for it.

I didn't want to use one of my special fabrics but at the same time didn't want to use anything I wouldn't put to future use. So out came this cute chocolate brown Japanese fabric, together with some remnants from the very first blouse I made which I thought would be good as a lining. The zip is a lovely slate grey/blue colour which coordinates quite nicely I think.

For a first attempt I wanted to do something straightforward, no embellishment. Just in case. And for what turned out to be a surprisingly quick project, I'm left with a sweet pouch large enough to fit pens and pencils or small enough to keep make-up neatly in my handbag.

And, as is usually the case, mountains and mole hills spring to mind. Believe me, this tutorial nailed it in one!

Now, anyone for tea?


  1. I love it Kate and know just what you mean about those jobs you turn into mountains. I am hopeless about zips because I don't do them often enough to remember when the next need comes around. I always am shocked how relatively simple they are to do when I finally tackle them. Love those fabrics x

  2. I am mightly impressed - zippers are something I still haven't mastered...and I have tried.

    I'll have to take a look at your tutorial link and fingers crossed as they say.

    Love the case by the way,

    Nina xxx

  3. Wauu, I like it a lot and I would like a cup of the with you.
    Next time, I come to London i will ring on your door.

  4. Zips scare me witless, I just don't have a clue what to do with them. Your pouch looks great, so neat! I am so impressed.

  5. cute pouch, love the colours!

    i've never even thought about attempting zips, so i'm impressed, well done!

    cate, x

  6. I too am very impressed!
    And I love the fabrics that you used!
    Very pretty!


  7. I'm so going to watch that tutorial - zips always make my sewing look "homespun" ! and not in a good way. I love the fabrics you used. xx

  8. That looks very sweet and useful. I love it when something that has seemed difficult comes together easily. It is so satisfying.

  9. brilliant......I still have nightmares about sewing class at school when the sewing machine ran away with itself and I sewed the zip of my Simplicity pattern skirt through too many layers of fabric.....oh the tears of shame and anger and the endless unpicking!!

  10. This is such neat and tidy work. I don't think my effort would be worth a photo! I love the fabric you have used too.

  11. It turned out so lovely! I've been meaning to make some of these, I think they would make great holiday gifts!

  12. Lovely zippered pouch. I've made a lot of these but in a much more time consuming way, the tutorial is fab, I'll be using it from now on! Jane x


  13. That is such sweet sweet fabric and the bag looks very professionally made. I shall have to check out your link.

  14. This is so neat - hmm, really must try it myself.

  15. Great fabric and you did an awesome job! Thanks for linking to my tutorial ♥


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