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I'm a huge fan of Margaret Howell's clothes. I love the clean lines of her unfussy garments and the fact that she allows her sumptuous fabrics to speak for themselves. Just the other day when I was walking by her shop on Wigmore Street, I fell in love with the window display, for there I spied a simple but utterly wonderful long A line woollen skirt in the deepest of blues that had been paired with a white shirt and mustard round neck jumper. It was totally simple but the effect was arresting. Inside the shop were yet more beautifully crafted pieces and then I spied it! A classic button down shirt in a stunning print. Love! But I don't love her prices. Sadly £255 (no typo) is a little out of my league for a shirt so what on earth is a girl to do? Ah, but I shall tell you exactly what I did ... I walked around the corner to this marvellous emporium, bought a metre of the very same fabric for £19.95 (no typo) and marched home with a cheshire cat grin on my face.

Being a cardigan rather than a jumper girl at heart, what I had in mind was a really simple top to wear underneath the range of woollens I already have in my wardrobe. Perhaps even this gold one that I'm coveting, even though the colour probably wouldn't suit me no matter how much blusher and lipstick I should pile on! So do you remember those two easy shift dresses I made in the summer that have been a huge success? Uh huh, I know it's erring on the somewhat unadventurous side but don't forget Mae West famously said 'too much of a good thing can be wonderful'.

So I made a top using that same pattern, deciding to let my 'sumptuous fabric' speak for itself ..


  1. That top is all about the fabric (liberty love), perfect for cardis. It looks great.
    PS I love Margaret Howell too! especially the coats she is showing.

  2. Fabulous! I used to want my ashes sprinkling in Liberty;s basement (when they used to have their Oriental gifts in there - circa 1980!) xxx

  3. And it is scrumptious - I love the fabric and the top you have made...teams off perfectly with your little blue cardi.

    Nina xxx

  4. Wonderful - get the look fraction of the cost, such a pretty print, I don't want to put you off, but it is very similar to my Laura Ashley kitchen curtains, which have been there for rather a while, but are such a fave, they have to stay. My curtains look rather like a pretty blouse, rather than the other way round!!

  5. Lovely and how satisfying to get the look at a knock down price and it's your own original too.


  6. Very pretty fabric, and such a bargain. All you need do now, is to start knitting your own cardis! x

  7. Oh! Stunning. That's my kind of outfit, and that print is just lovely.

  8. i love it! which pattern did you use?

  9. It is beautiful and it looks great on you.
    You make wonderfull stuf.
    Where have you bougth the Liberty fabric?

  10. Very thrifty and clever! £200+ for a shirt? Madness!

  11. What a great top, I love the colour and it looks wonderful with the simple cardi. I have a metre of Liberty fabric I bought in the Summer and couldn't decide how to use it, I am wondering if I might attempt something similar.
    Ann x

  12. It is very pretty. You are clever. I like the pattern book you used too. The patterns don't seem to be as oversized as they are in many of the books.

  13. The fabric is gorgeous and the top looks absolutely fantastic with the cardi and skirt. Love it.

  14. hello!

    I have just discovered your lovely blog and so glad I did! I think the top you have made is stunning, so simple but so very beautiful too, and I must mention your harbour mosaic on the previous post - wonderful pictures!
    Will add myself to your followers list so I can visit you again.

    Much love
    Julia x x x

  15. Yep, I love the top too. Blue is such a versatile colour isn.t it ?
    It goes with red, yellow , navy ..... the list goes on and on so you can change your whole look just by changing your cardi.
    Well done!

  16. love your top (and obviously the fabric choice) you've given me a bit of inspiration for a dress i've been umming and haaing over - cheers!

    Cate, x


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