harbour mosaic

Following that fabulous weather over the weekend I clearly spoke too soon because the drizzle and general miserableness have now set in.

I think that no matter how grey and dismal the day, there is always colour to be found in the harbour and I love pottering about, listening to the sound of the gulls and the clanking of the many masts.

Never mind, the arrival of the electrician heralded the sign to abandon any work in the kitchen, so I decided to teach myself how to create a mosaic. Something I've been wanting to do for an absolute age and have been admiring on other blogs for just as long.

I just about managed the technique before the mains got cut off!


  1. If at first you don't succeed... I have been having a time with blogger and it keeps telling me the service is unavailable error 503 whatever that means and then my comment just disappears! Anyway just wanted to say I love the mosaic the accents of bright colours in the photos are lovely. I would love to know how to do a mosaic - it's very effective.


  2. i love harbour photographs so much!
    lots of greetings, maren

  3. I love this mosaic, harbour and seaside scenes are so colourful and full of life.
    Ann x

  4. Stop it - you are killing me!! You are so right - there is so much colour in a harbour on the dreariest of days.
    PS from your comment on my blog, it would seem that there may be some possibility that you may have gone commando, or to Nandos without knowing! What a funny thought! xxx

  5. oooh gorgeous, I love mosiacs and your photos are fab xoxox

  6. Snap! I've just learned how to do mosaics and I can see myself becoming completely addicted!


    PS Kate, I've just left a message a few posts back on your 'making progress' post. x

  7. Those are gorgeous photos! I don't think it matters if the day is grey if you can find colour like that. I like your mosaic too. you are very clever!

  8. One thing I do love about the coast is a harbour - lovely pictures and a great mosaic to look back on.

    Hope the electrician didn't leave you powerless for too long?

    Nina xxx

  9. Great photographs, you have a really good eye. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all the details. I have absolutely no idea how to do mosaics, lol, so I am full of admiration of your newly acquired skill.

  10. You've done well. Your mosaic is lovely.

  11. To do a mosaic has been on my list of things to do, pretty much since I began blogging! Your harbour mosaic would make a great card. x


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