colourful day

Thank you for your lovely comments on my making progress post. Progress is indeed being made at a rapid pace and my Mother has finally made it home again, after five weeks in three different hospitals. Poor love, she only popped to the doctor's surgery for some test results!

So here I am once again, helping out for a few days before heading back to the clan. And what a day to be down here; really when the sun shines it doesn't get much better than this ..

I hope you've had a sunny weekend too.


  1. Great news about your mum, but what a long drawn out ordeal for all concerned.
    The views on your photos are
    stunning by the way.
    Ann x

  2. Oh you know that I wish I was there! (I knew where you were on the first picture!) So glad she's on the mend. xxx

  3. Just caught up with your news, so glad your Mum is home again. Lovely sunny photos to match your mood.

  4. Lovely~
    I have a new linky blog if you'd like to participate :) feel free!
    Niki :)

  5. I'm so glad to hear that your mother is improving. Enjoy your sunny days with her. It looks beautiful there.

  6. Glad your Mum is home again :)

  7. So glad your Mum is making such good progress - by the look of your photos you are at least able to enjoy some time at home in Cornwall - every storm having a silver lining and all that eh?! Hope you are soon able to get back to "normal" though as it must be quite difficult for you dividing your time between London and the West country.

    Jane x

  8. So lovely to see photos of home through someone else's eyes, it makes me look a-fresh too.

    Walter and I will see you later hopefully!


  9. What great news about your mum.
    And yes, the sun shone here at the weekend.

  10. Superb pictures and it always makes a difference when the sun shine - love all the seagulls in your last picuture...the blasted things!!

    take care and glad all is on the mend,

    Nina xxx

  11. I'm so pleased you found my comment. I thought I'd sent one, but then thought I was going doolally! Anyway, glad to hear of much improvement. I'm all for bright colours, especially when the weather has been so dull. Sunday was nice though! Nice legs! x

  12. Good to hear you Mum is doing well. Lovely weather in your neck of the woods? Hope the rain and gloomy weather is not down in Cornwall too.

  13. Aren't those flags wonderful?! I've got photos of them as well.

    So glad to hear your Mum is doing well.


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