meadow flowers and sewing thread

I've had a busy week or two (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it). Last weekend I was in Brighton doing the Open Houses for the Festival which runs throughout May. But despite taking my camera with me, I forgot to take any photos, can you believe it? If you're in the area though, this particular Open House is where I was and is definitely worth a view as there is a fantastic selection of paintings, vintage repurposed clothing, cards and stationery, ceramics and, of course, jewellery. I blogged about it back in December when I was there for the pre-Christmas sales.

Last season I made a decision. I'm not going to buy any new dresses, skirts or blouses for my little friend from now on. Knitwear, jeans, tee shirts and underwear I'll do of course, but anything that can be home sewn I have been and will continue to do myself.

And with the prospect of the return of warmer weather, I thought I'd better get cracking. So, reaching into the trusty old stash I grabbed this lovely Japanese pastel pink fabric with delicate meadow flowers to make a comfy dress.

Using one of my very favourite Japanese sewing books for girls (the same one that I turned to for this dress), I sewed a straightforward but so sweet number with two little pockets into which I'm sure all sorts of 'stuff' will find it's way this Summer.

One thing that excites MLF so much is the prospect of having a fitting. It makes her feel special and I'm not sure I could blame her. As well as choosing the fabric, she decided on the dress length, how elasticated it should be around the neck, whether it's pockets or no pockets and what trimmings, if any, went on. This one has no trimmings, simply because she wants to be able to make use of a small, but growing, collection of brooches. Bless!

Here's hoping you have a wonderful, hopefully sunny, weekend!

Kate x


  1. Thats really pretty! I love the dainty fabric and the unfussy pattern.

  2. Thats a really pretty fabric. so delicate


  3. The dress is so fresh and pretty, it's lovely.
    Ann x

  4. This is so sweet - well done.

  5. Oh my, that fabric is just beautiful! The kind of thing that makes me wish I had a girl to sew pretty dresses for!
    R x

  6. Kate, that's so gorgeous! Bet she looks beautiful. How exciting to have a dress made just for you.

  7. I love that dress! The fabric is so pretty! It must be so much more satisfying to make your own clothes.

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  8. Oh it's gorgeous and I love, love, love the fabric......now then, do I go and buy the book?

    Nina xxx

  9. Oh Kate, THAT DRESS! It is so gorgeous, LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabric! You are tres clever.
    Love your bluebells and garlic too, I am right with you,

    Sarah x

  10. so pretty & girly.
    Interesting link on Brighton - I used to work in Dukes Lane - wonderful place but I very rarely get back.

  11. Beautiful blog, I loved it!

  12. That dress is lovely,beautifully made.She will look adorable in it!

    Bellaboo :0)

  13. Your Japanese pattern book comes up trumps every time Kate - another winner! Pretty fabric and so well made - shop-bought cannot compete with this!

    It was nice and warm in Suffolk today and the weather is set fair for a few days - yay!!


  14. Fabulous fabric Kate. I love the pattern too, the pockets will be filled with treasure I bet. I've always wanted to make clothes for my girls, but as they're so tall I can never find patterns that suit. My 8yr old fits 10yrs and my 9yr old is 5ft 3" already so she's in 12yrs. If you know of any good patterns I'd be really grateful if you could let me know.

    Lisa x

  15. Hi Kate! watering the bonsai is once a week, you should leave the land or wet.
    I loved your visit.

  16. Hello Kate,

    It was lovely to meet you the other week at the Open House do. What a lovely blog you have ;)

  17. Oh Kate, that dress is so charming and beautiful! I love the fabric and the patch pockets are wonderful. Looks to be just the perfect summery frock!


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