miller's beach

The weather here in London is fabulous but I can't help but think about a beautiful walk we did when last in Cornwall visiting my parents.

It was on a particularly cold and blustery day during the Easter holidays but the colour of the sky was similar to what I'm seeing now.

The walk was on Lelant beach, looking across at Hayle Towans, where the Hayle Estuary runs into the Atlantic Ocean. There is a vast expanse of the most beautiful golden sands you could ever imagine and yet we had the whole place pretty much to ourselves.

On one side of the beach there are lovely high dunes, look beyond that and you see St Ives and on the other side, the open sea crashes against the sand in colours of turquoise and emerald green.

As we were walking along, I realised just why so many painters flock to Cornwall and I thought of John Miller, perhaps one of Cornwall's finest. But only when I looked him up on Google later did I see that he loved it here too!

Enjoy the weekend, apparently it's going to be a goodie and I think you've probably guessed where I wish I could be!

Kate x


  1. What a gorgeous set of photos - you'd never believe that were taken in this country.
    Have a great weekend

  2. what a beautiful place, yes it would be wonderful to be there this weekend, enjoy it wherever you are.

  3. Oh so beautiful, wish I was there!

  4. Lovely photos and a lovely beach. Cornwall is a delightful placw isn't it? You can see why everyone flocks there in Summer with beaches like that.

  5. That must be one of the most beautiful beaches and walks I have ever seen.

    Have a smashing weekend,

    Nina xxxxx

  6. That looks like my sort of beach. Love Cornwall but last time we went it took us over 8 hours to get there so not keen on repeating that journey in a hurry!

  7. I'm off to St Ives next weekend!!! So hoping that this fantastic weather holds. We love Lelant and Hayle - the colours are always so stunning - even when the colour is grey!! Your photos have so whetted my appetite now - must get packing. have you ever looked at www.cornwallcam.co.uk - Mr Winnpenny updates his photblog everyday, just to keep me going!! xxxxx

  8. Cornwall really is such an amazing place! This particular area is our next port of call when we venture back down to the West Country. We shall most certainly be checking out this stretch of beach. It is just beautiful. Really lovely photos too. x

  9. These photos are gorgeous Kate. Cornwall is indeed blessed with the most beautiful beaches in the world and with that blue sky and the light - just wonderful!

    I love John Miller's paintings, they are so evocative.

    I hope you had a good weekend - the weather was lovely wasn't it!


  10. really really beautiful coc

  11. Wonderful pictures! Reminds me quite a bit of the Oregon Coast, just beautiful.

    Have a lovely day and enjoy your good weather, send some my way if you can:)

  12. What a stunning place, I have only visited Cornwall once but would love to go back and explore more. The sea and sky are amazingly blue considering it wasn't Summer, beautiful.
    Ann x

  13. Wow what a fantastic beach! Not unlike an Australian coastal scene :-)


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