talk to the animals

Yesterday we had a really lovely day out at the Tropical Zoo at Syon House. It's such a great place for children; totally interactive and all hands-on, touchy-feely stuff. The children have no inhibitions whatsoever, no fear nor anxiety, and it was great to see them holding and touching all the creepy crawlies that were on offer.

These things give me the creeps but better to see them in a zoo, as opposed to in your kitchen!

Another squirm-worthy beast that was actually surprisingly soft, furry and gentle (apparently!!) ...

How about this for a millipede? Not convinced you'd ever find one of these underneath your flowerpots ..

This was a "touch only" and we couldn't help noticing that the guide kept his hand around its neck the whole time (comforting!) ..

And this one's for my Mother - gets her every time!!

There was a variety of dragon/lizard-type things who got quite perky once the crickets and mealworms came out ..

A variety of tortoises, including a tiny leopard tortoise that so captivated one of our family, and this lovely and very large tortoise here ..

And lastly a wide selection of cockatoos and parrots, including a pair of Amazonian parrots who spoke rather well, so long as it was 'hello' or 'goodbye' ..

So if you're in the area, you should definitely add it to your list. As they say, it's fun for all the family!

Have a lovely week x


  1. Love the birds but the rest leaves me cold - especially the spider. I HATE spiders, think the only good one is a dead one!
    We have lots of those animals and creepy crawlies in Oz - can live with snakes and lizards as long as they stay away from me bit cockroaches and spiders -- UGH!!!

  2. What a great experience for grown ups and kiddies alike - however the BIG insects do make me feel a bit creepy.

  3. *shudders*

    Think the only one I would have gone near was the giant tortoise the others I'd prefer not to be in the same room as!!

    Well done to those brave children.

  4. Brilliant day! I would love do to that with my granddaughters. Snakes are beautiful creatures, they are incredibly smooth, I really do like stroking them. Spiders, well, I can deal with spiders in the house but that huge monster? Hmmm. But that huge fat cockroach or whatever it is, I'm afraid my immediate reaction would be to shriek and stomp on it.

  5. 'oh my word' eeeeekkkkkk - spiders and worms and all manner of creepy crawlies - yuk!

    Sorry - my kids would love it but brrrrrrrr for me!

    take care,

    Nina x

  6. Looks like fun but you wouldn't get me anywhere near that spider .
    I am a big wuss.

  7. I am not quite sure that I could have coped with the crawly things!

    Pomona x

  8. I adore those giant tortoises. We went to a French valley last year filled with enclosures for tortoises of all sizes. I could sit and stare at them for hours... Thanks for all of the photos, although the more legs they had, the less I enjoyed them!

  9. That looks great - but I am not as brave as the kids!!!

  10. We have a turtle and I pray he never gets that big!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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