spring skirt

I was given just under 2 metres of this fabric over a year ago and have been wondering what to do with it ever since. Oh dear, I'm such a hoarder and find it extremely hard to cut into a lovely big piece because I can never quite decide on what to make. And just as I think I've made up my mind, I go and see something else that would be good too. But this one's a medium weight linen/cotton mix and just right for an early Spring skirt that should take me through to October, spanning three seasons - if I'm lucky.

The pattern came from this book, yet another from my too vast to mention collection of Japanese sewing books that I spend far more time poring over than actually doing anything from. You see, I'm still too nervous to tackle a zipper or buttons and I've always thought elasticated waistbands are a bit on the, hmm, dodgy side unless on a child. However, finally I found a style that looked like it may just tick the boxes. Yes, it is elasticated but not too full around the top and therefore won't add too much bulk (with luck).

So, out came the greaseproof paper and using the measurements given in the book, I drafted my pattern in a matter of minutes.

Now the trouble with these Japanese patterns is that they don't include seam allowances and despite the fact I know this very well, I cut into the fabric and was just finishing the final snip when I realised the error of my ways. At this stage it was a toss up as to whether I should soldier on or scrap the idea and make a skirt for my little friend instead. But no, I have to say I am a great one for winging it under such circumstances, so I just made the seams a tad narrower, crossed my fingers and ploughed on merrily.

It was a fun pattern to do, very straightforward really, and even adding the ruffle at the bottom didn't get me unduly stressed. Then I got a length of lovely cream Victorian crocheted lace (again hoarded for far too long) and added it to the hem for a bit of vintage je ne sais quoi !!

So, what do you think? I plan to bring on the Spring by wearing it with thick tights and mid calf boots, then change to bare (very white) legs and sandals at the earliest opportunity, so working it till the mere hint of a chill should return. Perish the thought!

And the back of the skirt? How about this view from my very sweet husband, who thinks he is oh, so funny!!

Have a lovely weekend x


  1. Pretty skirt & pretty fabric.

    That last pic is the sort of thing MrVV would take!

  2. It looks great and I am so glad you were able to make it work having cut it out minus the seam allowandes. Your bum definitely does not look big in this!

  3. This looks excellent, and I love the look with the lilac tights. As for husbands and cameras, never a good idea, but you should have no worries about your rear view! Why not tackle a flat zip in a cushion cover first? I am sure your sewing skills are quite up to it. Put the zip in before you join up the side-seams - hope I not telling something you already know;)

  4. They always do don't they?

    I love the fabric and it suits the skirt well......plus loving the stripy tights and boots combo.

    Have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina xx

  5. That's the prettiest skirt I have seen in a long time. I am very envious that you can make something so lovely. I have never tried dress making, but seeing this has made me want to really bad! My list of things to do is about as long as the M1...sigh!! Dev x

  6. All over the world husbands are the same aren't they?
    You skirt looks very nice. I'm sure you'll get lots of wear for it as it looks good and is comfortable too.

  7. I love the crochet lace edging, well the whole skirt is fab!
    I have the same issue with saving fabric, afraid to cut into a lovely piece for fear of mucking it up. I'm trying to get over it though :)
    Glad you did and what wonderful results.

  8. Great result - love the colour of the fabric and it fits you well. It never ceases to amaze me what we can do when we try - never fear zips - you can do anything!!!

  9. Its really lovely - I bet loads of people will ask where its from!
    And if you don't like zips, what aabout a wrap skirt?

  10. Ooooo, I love the skirt and the fabric is such a great colour.

  11. Love it love it love it!

    gorgeous with the lace trim too.

    We should draw a veil over hubbie's contribution to photography!

    Sarah x

  12. That's a lovely skirt Kate - it rivals Boden with its lovely frilly flounce. I'm envious that you can make such a great skirt, let alone follow a Japanese pattern - very clever - and I think zips are definitely in your remit. Love the boho look with the tights and boots!

    Jeanne x

  13. Thats really pretty. I have not made a skirt in ages. We used to be able to get lovely fabrics around here when all the mills were in operations, but since manufacturing all went abroad, nice fabric is hard to come by. xxx

  14. Love it. The fabric, the lace, it all works so well. Great job.


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