flora and fauna

Wasn't the weather fantastic yesterday? Our weekend started with this painting brought home from school by my little friend who is mad on ladybirds.

I love the little smiling face ..

and the build up of oil on the board ..

So yesterday we had a quick trip to one of our favourite parks and it seemed as if the World and his wife had the same idea.

Whilst the rest of the clan took to wheels, I had another chance to see how the childrens' crocuses are coming along ..

And guess who I saw when I bent down?

I think she was so covered in pollen she was having difficulty staying upright ..

Did you have a wonderful weekend too? x


  1. Yes I sure did, it was a grand day for bumble bees and cocuses.

  2. LOVE your pic of the bee in the crocus!
    Thanks for popping over to my blog and commenting.
    Have a lovely week.

    Bellaboo :o)

  3. Love the Bumble bee pictures!!
    Take care
    Bridie x

  4. Fantastic photos and a lovely park. thanks for taking me with you.

  5. Well indeed I did too - so glad to hear that yours was sunny and happy! I love the bumble bee - Son 1 spotted a huge carpenter bee buzzing round the eaves this weekend, but we haven't actually seen any bumbles yet in France.

  6. Yes thanky you we had alovely sunny weekend! A walk in the forest and an afternoon in the garden.
    Yesterday I had to let the most enormous bumblebee out of the house.

  7. Wipso and I have both seen bumble bees this week! It must be Spring then!!!!

  8. Ah yes, beautiful weather brings us out in mass. I love that painting of the ladybird, just perfect!

  9. What a sweet bumble! We had a nice plump one in the garden on Sunday buzzing around us as we busily worked on finishing off the raised beds. It was lovely to sit in a sunny spot and just watch his progress around the garden. I've also noticed lots of very loved-up ladybirds in the garden!

    Your little friend's ladybird painting is lovely - your creative genes have been passed on I see!

    Have a great week Kate.

    Jeanne xx

  10. Those bumbles all covered in pollen - aaaaccchooo!

    Nina x


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