good day

Today is a good day. Cold, crisp, but so deliciously sunny and very very uplifting. Isn't it funny how a simple thing like the weather can make, or break, a mood?

I had a quick walk around one of my favourite parks this morning and noticed these clumps of crocus. Then I remembered how our children helped plant the bulbs a couple of years ago.

We were pottering about in the park and saw a group of people chattering away whilst digging up the ground. Of course the children wanted to have a 'nose' so over we went to investigate further.

It was the 'Friends of the Park' planting crocus bulbs and the children were invited to join in. What fun that was, my goodness, and the quantities planted were quite huge. You see, the organisers had a feeling that a lot would be lost to the squirrels.

And despite the netting that was put down along with the bulbs, I'm sure I didn't see quite as many flowers as there might have been.

So it would appear squirrels have good days too!!

Have a lovely, sunny weekend x


  1. A sunny day works wonders doesn't it? Pretty little crocuses - how lovely that the children helped plant them. Let's hope for some more sunshine and blue skies at the weekend.

    Have a good one Kate!

    Jeanne x

  2. me again! Kate, I just noticed that I was following your blog as Anonymous. I don't know how that happened but hopefully I've rectified it now by following as Cottage Garden ... just thought I would let you know. xx

  3. It's been glorious here today too, but no crocus (yet) I'm still on the look out though.

    Have a wonderful weekend too,

    Nina xxxx

  4. I really like that idea of Friends of the Park. Seeing the crocuses burst through the grass always lifts my spirits.

    Have a great weekend.

    Lisa x

  5. It's lovely to see all the crocuses and the Spring flowers appearing,we seem to have waited so long for it all this year.
    Looks like it's going to be a nice weekend.

    Bellaboo :o)

  6. Before I retired, my class and I planted crocuses on the school field. I went for a look last week - a few have survived the trampling feet, so hopefully they will spread over the years. There is something so cheering about yellow crocuses on a sunny spring morning.

  7. Hello!
    A bit of sunshine works wonders, really uplifting!
    The crocuses are so pretty1
    Happy weekend!
    Rachel x

  8. There are some lovely crocuses around our village sign - you have reminded me that my daughter helped to plant them when she was a Brownie.
    Have a great weekend! (I enjoyed my chips - what a cheap date I am!)

  9. The Crocuses look so pretty, none in my garden yet!
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Bridie x

  10. You feel something spring in your region,dont you? cant wait flowers bloom!
    BTW Ijust take a look your online shop -so you made pierced earings with Japanese antique beads!!
    Amaging!! I remeber the beads works.
    thanks for popping in!!

    Have a sunnyday to you!

  11. Ive gor a big bare patch of grass on my lawn where I have moved the trampoline. I think I might plant some bulbs before I reseed the area. Thanks for the inspiration. xxxx

  12. How beautiful. They are just cropping up in the park across from us. I love the little bursts of sunshine they provide everyday.

  13. the sun has been lovely hasn't it, I've taken a lot of comfort from it recently. thanks for your kind comment on my blog x


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