scenes from a purbeck week - part two

Mrs harmony and rosie has been extremely busy this past week which explains her absence on the blogging scene, however hopefully a welcome return is here in the form of a very health-giving and scenic walk to ...

This peaceful RSPB reserve is situated between Corfe Castle and Wareham, Dorset and is a haven for a good selection of birds (of course, what else) including avocet, plus several herds of deer. We come here a lot because there is always something to see, the staff who man the RSPB hut are friendly and knowledgeable and this particular time, they lent the children some backpacks complete with books and binoculars. They have live footage of the activities that go on in several bird boxes, plus the children love those enamelled birdie badges you pay £1 for in aid of the charity itself!! (actually I do, too!)

There is a lot of variety here - large patchwork fields, farm land, forestry, a bit of beach, some marshland and the sea.

Ready ? Let's go ..

This boardwalk is fun, taking us through the trees. At the end there are several directions we could go in but we're going left ..

Ooh, just as well we did - look what we saw ..

Apparently a lady was charged by a stag not so long ago (no silly jokes about money please) because she got too close to one of the does. The males get very protective at this time of year. And full marks to the children for being quiet - for once!

Onwards across the heath-y bit. Nice and flat here, and plenty of puddles along the way ..

More boardwalks - just as well, there's a lot of water around here ..

Ticked off the squirrel, but sadly it's the wrong time of year for the rest ..

Yet more boardwalk fun and this time we're getting closer to the hide ..

Quiet Please : not a chance!

But this is the prize. Panoramic views across the harbour towards Poole and Sandbanks ..

Hubby showed he was most interested in the spoonbill and various ducks out there, however the children showed they were keener on the snacks I'd taken along ..

Homeward bound. Why is the hilly part always on the way back? ..

Just the briefest of looks back at the wonderful views (in other words, a breather!) ..

If only it could always be like this ..

And how about this final shot for a bit of vintage?

Have a lovely week. I do feel next time I shall be crafting x


  1. That looks a great walk - we're heading in that direction in the summer. Might add it to my places to visit wish list :)

  2. What a great spot. I'll have to get out my atlas and road maps of UK book and see just where it is.
    by the looks of your clothing it still looks pretty cold and not any signs much of spring that I can see. Any daffodils around anywhere yet?

  3. That looks like the perfect way to spend a day outdoors. Great photos.

  4. Thanks for taking us along on your walk Kate. It was lovely. I really like the top photo with the steps up through the woods - very atmospheric.

    Great photos - I've never seen a cream post box before!

    Jeanne x

  5. Thanks for sharing your lovely walk - I feel justified in putting my feet up now :)

  6. Love the post box! Glad you had such a lovely time down this way! Your little ones are just like mine..like the snacks the best! lol. Xx

  7. What a lovely faily day out. Makes me realise how huge my two are getting - persuading them out for family walks these days isn't always so easy!

  8. That post box is wonderful though you could be mistaken for it's purpose by the colour of it - even if it is beautiful.

    take care,

    Nina xx

  9. What a lovely place to spend a day, thank you for sharing such great photos!
    Bridie x

  10. What a fabulous walk in one of my favorite places. For a few years, we holidayed in the Channel Islands and always had to add 2 or 3 on at the beginning so that we could stay in Sandbanks before catching the ferry (eating tea in the "Jazzy Cafe" on the beach). I love the area around there - so much to see and do. The RSPB place looks fab. Have you been to Tyneham? We loved it there. PS I too had a root perm - I thought it was fabulous!! xxx

  11. wow! What a wonderful and peaseful walking!! And how maintenanced pass!! Are deers in the wild? Japanese deers in the park are familiar to people.


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