scenes from a purbeck week - part one

Back to school already but despite the weather we had a good Half Term holiday.

Quite a lot of crafting, a fair bit of cosying up under the throws with a family DVD and when the weather permitted, some good walking. We are lucky to be a five minute walk away from the beach but when the visibility's good, the sun finally makes an appearance and the wind is low, we head on over to Durlston Country Park, way up on the cliff tops.

We absolutely love it there and usually tie it in with visiting the dump. Far from being a chore, on a sunny day it's a real pleasure - I'm not kidding, this has to be the most beautiful recycling centre in the world, the views are so outstanding.

High up on the hills overlooking Swanage and beyond, the vista from this place is like something from a picture postcard. And the park itself, which is right next to the dump, is large enough that you can lose any other walkers and have the place to yourself.

{now that is a seriously big puddle!}

In the Autumn/Winter, it's the best place to pick sloe berries (so long as it's not too windy as it is very exposed up there), they are so plentiful and unpolluted too. Also, early in the year and on a sunny calm day, it's even possible to see adders basking on the rocks. Unfortunately we've never been lucky enough to see any - no surprise really if you could hear the noise our two children make!

In the Spring and Summer months you can see guillemots and other sea birds nesting on the rocks, the sound of skylarks in the fields and occasionally there are dolphins to be seen out to sea.

But all year round there is the freshest air imaginable and the most breathtaking views. Not to mention the odd dry stone wall!

{oh we are clever!!}


  1. Love this coast, but don't know this particular country park - lovely photos - I am so envious of those young knees!!

  2. Dorset has such a wonderful coastline - how lovely to be just a few minutes' walk from all that glorious scenery - you are so lucky Kate!

    I particularly love dry stone walls - just the thing for exploring. Lovely photos.

    Look forward to Part II!

    Jeanne x

  3. How marvelously scene there are!
    I am interested in the stone art :)

    thank you for your kindly greeting for my granma!

  4. I've never been there before, but it loooks absolutely lovely.

  5. Hi Kate, it's me again, in response to your question I made the photomosaic using Picasa a free photo editing package - just google it and you'll easily find it.

  6. What a lovely part of the world.I have made a note of it for future reference. And those stone walls are works of art themselves.
    thanks for taking us with you

  7. Glad I made you laugh! Today isn't shaping up much better - the dog was sick under the table just before breakfast :S
    You have taken some fantastic photos, really lovely.

  8. Beautiful pictures and a wonderful half term holiday - love the walls (with bottom!)

    take care,

    Nina xxxxxxx

  9. What a lovely place for the children to grow up in.

  10. Know that country park too.I remember that 'puddle' as you call it because we had to stop Bella from jumping in it! You have taken some lovely pictures of the area.Thanks for popping in and relating your amazing experience!

    Bellaboo :o)

  11. looks like an amazing place xoxo and fun too - not sure I'd fit through that hole, but I know I'd have to try

  12. Oh my goodness, stunning park! I would love to go for a walk there, seems a bit magical really.

  13. That looks to be a fabulous break - great photos, my lungs are now full of fresh air!! xxx

  14. What a beautiful tour. Thanks. I miss the sea so much...

  15. Beautiful photos looks like you had a good week.
    Do you mind if I ask where you got the curtain fabric in the previous post (a letter). It's beautiful, I've been searching for something similar for my lounge.

    Fi x


  16. Love the dry stone walls and think they would translate into a lovely crocheted afghan perhaps, soft muted creams, greys and browns. What do you think? Dev x

  17. It all looks absolutely beautiful - obviously a wonderful week!

    Pomona x


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