stitching cashmere

The weather's turning, that's for sure, and at the beginning and end of each day there's a real nip in the air.

A cashmere jumper has been calling out for a renaissance and I thought it might be just the ticket for a new hat for the Model. It's such a pretty pinky-red colour and the petal tinge at the bottom of the ribbing gives it a bit of a pep. Because the wool is a fine 2-ply, it is perfect to keep the very slightest of chills away this Autumn. And since I already had the template cut out from when I made this hat for the boy last year, and the jumper had been semi-felted some time ago, it was a super-quick project to fit into a day last week when I didn't have too much time. In case you're wondering, the pattern comes from this book.

My poor shop has been neglected all Summer long so I also made a couple of purses from the same wool, embellishing them with an antique crochet flower and some vintage lace. I lined them both with something that may look rather familiar!

I hope your week is starting out well.


  1. What a fab hat. The model looks tres chic. I have a couple of felted jumpers that I keep meaning to make use of. Maybe a hat for the boy is the way to go. Laura x

  2. That is just the most delicious shade of pink! And what a delightful hat :D

  3. Lovely goodies, turning something old into something new is so satisfying.

  4. Love that beautiful berry red colour. Your purses look gorgeous too. I am definitely raiding the sweater draw this morning!

    Sarah x

  5. What a lovely hat. And the model models it beautifully.

  6. So glad you posted this, I will add it to my list!! Autumn starts this week, but we have already started to transition our wardrobe. I recently saw this project for these fingerless gloves, so I now I think I will be able to use the entire sweater.

    Your pouches are beautiful.

    PS please think of coming to Canada again and seeing the other half. Your photos were absolutely beautiful and made me proud to live here.

  7. Oh... this is so beautiful!!
    Especially with the lace added!
    Must pin!!

  8. So far it seems ok - thanks for asking.

    I love the pinky red colour and it looks perfect as a 'keep the chill away' hat. It's been a little nippy every morning here too, but come mid morning 'phew' all hot again - what to wear, what to wear!

    Hope your week is going ok too?

    Nina x

  9. I do like the hat. It is sure to keep the model very warm. You have given me another reason to hold onto the worn out jumpers that are cluttering up my cupboards

  10. Beautiful makes Kate!
    Good to see the Model performing her duties as brilliantly as ever! :)
    Vivienne x

  11. Love this raspberry colour. Doesn't the Model look lovely. Cx

  12. It's a lovely hat - cashmere is just the best!

    Pomona x

  13. Beautiful hat and I love the fact that it's made from recycled cashmere, the purses are gorgeous too.........what a lot can be made from one pretty pink jumper. x

  14. That is such a lovely idea! The upcycled cashmere looks beautiful used in your new makes. I love the printed lining fabric and cream lace and crochet you used on the purses, perfect with the beautiful raspberry pink wool, and the hat is so cosy. Enjoy your week.
    Helen x

  15. That pink is such a wonderful colour.


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