an oilcloth apron

You may remember my previous dalliance with oilcloth when I covered my Ikea step stool with bargain Kate Forman 'oyster christobel' earlier this year? Well, there's still a fair bit left in the cupboard, including a beautiful duck egg version and I've been racking my brains as to how to use the stuff.

The state of my existing aprons leave much to be desired. They are real, proper working aprons, not the pretty pretty ones that, in reality I would have a hard time using for fear of staining. So, clearly in need of a new one all the same, I thought I'd give it a go in oilcloth.

I laid one of my existing aprons over the top of the oilcloth and, with the help of my very fancy indeed French curve, drew around one side, making an adjustment or two as I went. I then folded the cloth carefully in half and cut along where I'd marked, ending up with a symmetrical shape.

Oilcloth is very well behaved to sew because it doesn't fray, however stitching directly onto it is a no-no because the needle sticks. There are a variety of methods to successful stitching but I already had some thick red cotton twill left over from a previous project, so I used that to create a binding and again for the ties. It works a treat, although you do need to use a size 16 needle and set the sewing machine to a longer stitch (I set mine to 3).

As for the subject of pockets, I have never used them in all my previous aprons. If I was a waiter then obviously I would need somewhere to keep my order pad and pen, however since I am using one mainly to protect my clothing from splashed food or washing up water, my used, tomato-stained utensils are hardly in a state fit enough to go into a pocket. But look up aprons on any internet site and they all have pockets .. so exactly what am I missing here?!

Happy Wednesday.


  1. Looks great and unlike some shop bought ones is long enough to protect more than the top half of your skirt so very practical. Love the fabric and it certainly looks pretty enough to have hanging where it shows when not in use unlike my old butcher's stripe one!

  2. Looks lovely! I certainly wouldn't put a pocket in it as it is so much easier to wipe down without one. I think food would get caught in it too..crumbs and such..and they would be hard to remove from inside corners. They would also be very thick and a bit clumsy looking, in my opinion. Have a lovely week Kate!

  3. The apron looks wonderful! Certainly pretty enough to hang in full view, and I think you were right to exclude a pocket, not to sure why you'd need one!

  4. Oh lovely and hardworking too! I have been wanting to try an oilcloth project (but I am holding out for a bargain find). I really liked your stool project as well. Thanks for the tip about the binding for successful stitching. {I agree with the comments above, I don't think the pocket is necessary if it is for the kitchen as opposed to the garden or craft room.}

  5. Lovely Kate, the duck egg fabric is beautiful.
    I know what you mean about not using aprons in case you stain them, I'm exactly the same which is crazy really as that is what they're for!!! :)
    Vivienne x

  6. That turned out lovely!!! my current favorite color combo is the duck egg blue/gray with red!

  7. Immensely practical, must say!!
    Last year I used an old tablecloth to make beach bags and I cannot tell you how satisfied I am with the bags.
    I also have to say that the color and the pattern is fabulous - just the right thing for romantic souls :)

  8. Apron love :D Clever you ! Loving the colour combo.
    I seem to have stopped using an apron ... I'm not sure why. It is not unknown for me to need a change of clothes post splash of something or other ... perhaps I should take a leaf out of your book :D

  9. Love you new creation. hhmm what are the pockets for , to hide left over cake mix spoons from the kiddies so you get a look in? Messy but worth it lol

  10. Gosh doesn't that red make the duck egg pop! Love this, well done. And clever with the symmetrical cutting business. Mine would definitely have been of the lopsided variety. C.x (No idea what the pockets might be for...)

  11. You obviously live in a very tidy house! I use the pockets for all the bits and bobs like hair ties and hankies I find round and about the place, and transport them back to where they belong - a bit like a post office van! I do love your apron, though - I have a hankering after Kate Forman fabrics in my sitting room.

    Pomona x

  12. It is a very pretty apron. I love that colour combination. I can quite see why you wouldn't want a pocket in an oilcloth apron but, like Pomona, I find that the pockets of my cloth aprons fill up with all the small discards I find around the house. I often housework in an apron and lately I've been toying with the idea of making a '50s pinafore type aprons but fear that the look may be more charlady-like than I wish.

  13. I love your apron, it looks very pretty in those soft colours. I have an apron with a pocket and often use it for carrying the timer in! And once I 'lost' my mobile phone and it turned up in my apron pocket hanging on the door some time later! It can be handy but it's cetainly not essential to have an apron pocket at all!
    Have a great weekend.
    Helen x

  14. That's got me thinking what on earth do people put in their apron pockets? I don't use the ones on mine, that's for sure! x


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