canada week : vancouver

Do you remember me toying with the idea of perhaps living in the country? Well scrap that now, because there's somewhere else on the wish list. Vancouver!

One of the highlights was taking bikes around the fabulous Stanley Park, situated on a peninsula with breathtaking views and, when you're cycling around the edge, completely flat - always a bonus in my book. The centre is forested and all in all, there is an estimated 200 km of trails and roads within. Every so often we would stop and watch the sea planes coming and going, the herons on the water, and the seals lying around catching the rays.

We didn't see any of the rain that Vancouver is famed for, what we saw was a seaside city at the base of the mountains with the most amazing backdrop. If you ski, then some of the best skiing in the world (Whistler) is a mere hour away. It seems such a good healthy outdoorsy lifestyle where people use bicycles and rollerblades as a mode of transport. There are wonderful shops and crafts. Walk off any of the main streets and you will see peaceful tree-lined avenues where black squirrels scamper about and you might quite easily think you are miles away from the hubbub. And with the airport and ferry port only about 45 minutes drive away, what's not to love?

I had no idea that until 1886 Vancouver was called Granville? Not till we visited Granville Island, another peninsular just minutes away from downtown anyway. It is a brilliant place to visit and the Saturday we were there it was thronged with both locals and tourists taking in the atmosphere. The famous indoor market was vibrant and bustling, with a huge selection of fresh produce of all descriptions, flowers and high quality crafts. There was even a separate kids market which, needless to say, we had to visit.

Sadly one of our travelling party didn't get to do much sightseeing. The Model's favourite toy,Furby, was left behind in Jasper and later sent down to Vancouver by Greyhound, would you believe. Although very well travelled, she never got to see beyond her cardboard box!

Hotel stayed in :

Large, spacious appartment right next door to the wonderful Stanley Park and only minutes walk from downtown

* * * * *

So now we're well and truly back into the old routine, the jet lag is done and dusted and my sewing machine and I have been reunited after its little visit to the sewing machine hospital (I think it was this project that did it!). Will be back on Monday with a little bit of crafting I've been up to.

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. I can so see why you (and my hubby) would love to live there - it looks beautiful. The whole nature of the place 'wow'

    Nina x

  2. Vancouver looks like the place to be with the forests in the middle of town and those fab markets. I love the big containers of various berries available, they look scrumptious!

  3. Oooh, gorgeous photos of Vancouver, they brought back so many memories of when we visited there many years ago.

  4. I've so enjoyed reading all your Canada posts - what an amazing holiday. Canada has now found its way onto my list of 'must visit' places!

  5. I am in love with your photos!
    Thank you for sharing your story with us - I've been enjoying the series :)

  6. Fabulous photographs! Those markets look just amazing. What a wonderful trip you've had, and how lovely to see your pictures of such a beautiful country.
    Helen x

  7. I am pleased Furby managed to find his/her way back, He/she looks like they were missed. Lovely photos of Vancover, what a great looking city.

  8. Oh Kate, I'm just catching up on your wonderful posts this week!!
    What a truely amazing country. The scenery is breathtaking and you have given your children the most fantastic memories!
    I have to say I am so jealous of your up close and personal experiences with all the beautiful animals you met along the way!
    Brilliant! :)
    Vivienne x

  9. I love the look of Vancouver. I can quite see why it has won your heart.

    I am glad to see that your girl and her toy were reunited. Four years ago, we lost a precious soft toy belonging to our little girl while we were travelling. Our girl was very sad and for a ridiculously long time I hoped that it might find its way back to us.

  10. It looks like you had the most wonderful time away. I am ever so slightly jealous as I have always wanted to visit Canada. One day... Glad you have got over the jet lag and are all back into a routine. xx

  11. Beautiful photographs!

    Since moving to France fourteen years ago I have come across many a French native who CRAVES to move to Canada. Seeing your photographs helps me understand all the more.

    I hate to brag but should you come visit us in Tours you will find a very similar covered market. Perhaps you wishlist will just keep getting longer ;-)


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