lloyd loom and grain sacks

Thank you for all your input on my last post, I definitely know who to turn to when I next have a dilemma. What a great world this blog-place is and I shall, indeed, keep you 'posted' as to what eventually becomes of the 'bouquet of roses'.

This old chair (I think a Lloyd Loom) was bright green when I bought it, and its cushion pad so hideous there was no place for it in my home. Then it had a spell in pink to match the Model's room only, what with all her clobber, there wasn't really the space. So after sitting redundant for some time (the chair!), I gave it a couple of coats of Farrow and Ball's Pavilion Grey and now it's earned itself a new home in the guest room you were so complimentary about - thank you for that.

When it came to breathing new life into the cushion, I took the horrible checked cover to pieces for my template and got out one of my precious antique grain sacks. I'm so pleased with the result but because the fabric is extremely thick, my sewing machine complained bitterly throughout, punishing me with the most awful noises. And, as if to add insult to injury, by the time I had finished I was sporting three Disney princess plasters on my fingers and now most of my pins are bent. I'm not sure I shall be rushing to make another of these again!

And just as I was about to bring out the flags in celebration of the arduous task that was, the husband innocently pointed out: "Isn't the zip supposed to be at the back?" Groan! Sure enough, for all the time taken to get the thing to fit the chair, there was nothing else for it .. dissection yet again!

Sadly this is not the neatest job I've ever done, I have to concede. But frankly, my sewing machine and I are just glad it's over!

I hope you have some sunshine to enjoy today. It's a beautiful morning here.


  1. It's beautiful and I think you've done a jolly grand job.

    Beautiful here too and we're all still in our nighties - well apart from Will!

    Enjoy your day,

    Nina xxx

  2. Looking good! Well worth your heroic efforts :D I think I'd have given up in fear of my sewing machine's imminent demise ... you're a braver woman than I !

  3. Beautiful job, I love the colours and the cushion looks wonderful. (I have had sewing moments like that too - just when you think it's finished as well!)The grain sacks are a wonderful fabric option for so many things - very stylish. Have a great week.
    Helen x

  4. Gorgeous cushion. I wouldn't dismantle it, you can't see the zip from the front, just pretend it was intentional! Preserving your fingers is much more important! Plus. it's for the guest room isn't it? It's just beautiful! Vanessa xxx P.s. I'm so with you on the Toast thing, and the lack of availability of fabrics too!

  5. You are a clever girl Kate, that really does look great, well worth all the effort!
    Maybe some lawn cotton next time as a treat for your poor sewing machine! ;)
    Vivienne x

  6. Yes, it was arduous, but wasn't it worth it? It looks absolutely stunning - I can't believe the difference between your new grain sack cushion and the checked one! Fab job. x

  7. Simply BEAUTIFUL.........your poor fingers though.

    lily x

  8. I love it! I think you have done an amazing job of it! I have one precious grain sack that is patiently waiting the right moment to become something new.
    Also, when I was younger my mother went through a Lloyd Loom phase and collected a few of these chairs. I remember helping her paint every one of them!

  9. How clever you are and to have piped it too! It certainly looks lovely now it's done and you don't actually want a second or third one anyway do you so your fingers and hopefully the machine will have time to mend before you sew something finer!

  10. I have a chair just like that - beloved of Bobbi, it is her favourite place for a nap! Another wonderful cushion - where do you manage to get hold of grain sacks Kate - I really like that utilitarian look.

    It was gorgeous here yesterday but we have gone back to low cloud today - its humid though!


  11. It looks really lovely! I have several Lloyd Loom chairs like that, but have always quailed at the thought of zips and piping, and so they just have ordinary square cushions which do not look nearly so nice.

    Pomona x

  12. This project turned out just lovely and the cushion fits perfectly. I can imagine your sewing machine is happy it is over, as I suspect it was quite difficult to manage the many layers.

  13. August Homes and Antiques has a great articl about Loyd Loom - I haven't actually finished reading it but I've already learned loads! And, I want to know where you find decent feed sacks from. I found some on my brocante tour the other day but they were horrid - grubby and unlikely to clean up, and really coarse. I think I might just have to up my budget before I get a decent one? Anyway, your finished result is absolutely lovely.

  14. You did a fab job! Lloyd Loom chairs are so comfy. I have one in my room. xxx

  15. I must agree with the others before me! I think you've done a fabulous job!

  16. Well it looks great so it was worth the effort.

  17. It is very smart Kate. How cross you must have felt about that zip; it was very patient of you to redo the cover when you realised rather than shove it in a drawer and ignore it! T x

  18. With good durable fabric like that you shouldn't have to cover it for the next few years at least! I think you've done a great job...it looks good from here.

  19. It looks so much better now, fantastic job! Very rewarding doing a makeover.
    Isabelle x

  20. Wow! A fabulous transformation. Love it.

    Nicki xx


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