Still the snow doesn't come and our views of the mountains are as beautiful as ever, yet sadly green. We have an impatient boy child on our hands, desperate to be reunited with his skis so we've had to make do with the skating rink instead. The husband is becoming pretty keen actually .. I think he may be turning a bit Canadian on us, and making good progress with that if the hockey app on his phone is anything to go by. Every time there's a match in progress, his phone sounds to let him know when a goal has scored. It's just unfortunate the Vancouver Canucks aren't doing the right stuff at the moment!

But it couldn't be more aptly named, this latest cardigan of mine .. it truly is cosy. I adore the relaxed style and fit of Cosy (me) and as for the yarn, I am in love. Pure French organic merino wool from here and not such an extravagance really, despite the fact I had it sent from France. Just the waiting that was the killer. You know what it's like, when you want to start something? You don't want to have to wait, you need to start it NOW! Here's the link to Ravelry for more details and pics.

Hmm, what to start next. I have my eyes on all these goodies -

Lila jumper
Uniform cardigan
Lumen shawl
Kelpie shawl
Color Affection shawl

and wish to goodness I could knit faster!

What are you up to, I wonder?


  1. Your cardigan is gorgeous and has made me want to knit one now! Right now! It looks incredibly warm and cosy.

  2. gorgeous. I have yet to knit anything bigger than a sock. one day.............

  3. Oh my, that is a stunning cardigan! Wow, double wow, tripple wow!

    I am totally addicted to knitting these days and have the 'I cannot wait to start this' feeling for a spring pullover for Tristan's birthday.

    Stephanie xx

    ps Did you get my message on Ravelry? :-)

  4. Gorgeous Kate....I want to knit one too! It does look extremely cosy. :)
    I'm off to check your links just in case my list isn't long enough yet. ;)
    Happy Sunday,
    V xxx

  5. Stunning!!!!! You knit such beautiful pieces. I have been living in cardis and black turtlenecks. In eastern Canada we have had such a harsh winter. Yesterday, another 20 cm fell. Living in the city, we don't get to the hills, but you will find us at the rink making the best of it although I am eager to find out what the groundhog predicts.
    Hockey is addictive - let the games begin!

  6. Your cardigan is gorgeous and I just added it to my list to knit in the near future.
    I am working on an Acer Cardigan right now and enjoying the whole process.
    Enjoy a beautiful day.

  7. love this.....bunches!!!

  8. That Cosy sweater is gorgeous! I love the neutral colour of the yarn - it was definitely worth waiting for it to get shipped from France!

  9. Please take our snow. It is unusual and we all hate it now. I am too southern for this coldness! I would happily swap it for that gorgeous cardigan, it is lovely, the colour the style everything. It's wonderful! Annie

  10. Nice cardi but LOVE that blouse! Is it Liberty print? Did you make it? Tell me everything - I need one!

    1. Hi Ana. You are correct, the blouse IS a Liberty print and yes, I did make it. Here's a link to all the details - http://harmonyandrosie.blogspot.ca/2010/09/liberty-love.html
      Happy weekend!

  11. hi lovely kate! LOVE your cardigan and your blouse! beautiful knitting and sewing!

  12. such a lovely cardigan and the lace detail is incredible. I think you will get lots and lots of wears out of this classic piece :)

  13. Gorgeous cardigan, and you seem like a pretty fast knitter to me as I rarely get more than one big knit finished a year! Funnily enough, I also have Kelpie on my to knit list. I can't decide whether or not to knit it in a single colour though, or keep the contrast colour detailing.

  14. Hi Kate

    The snow will come soon I'm sure. Fingers crossed for your boy!

    You have created a super cosy knit - I have cardigan envy now!

  15. Your cardigan is gorgeous and looks SO cozy!!!! I love the pattern! I'm so far behind on various sewing/knitting/reading that I can't start anything new right now. Very frustrating when ideas abound far far beyond what I can even think of doing......

  16. Beautiful!!! I absolutely love that cardigan :)
    I am sure Canada it's a beautiful place to live.

    Have a nice week!!

  17. Love it, Kate, you clever thing you!

    I have Kelpie on my needles right now....loving it!

  18. It turned out soooo gorgeous! Love it! Kate, you are a fantastic knitter :-) I also love the shirt you are wearing, did you sew it?

  19. So perfect with your liberty top, such natural peaceful colors ...
    (it's a bit too hot to knit down here :) )
    Barbara x

  20. I'm having trouble posting my comment. Hopefully it works this time! I love this whole outfit. Just perfect! I like the new blog look, but I am having trouble reading the light font. Could you darken it a smidge for reading ease?

  21. Our Winnipeg Jets are doing really well lately! That sounds like a neat app. Too bad for the green slopes...we've got more than enough snow here!

  22. I'm kind of working on color affection at the minute! After reading all the tips i'm thinking about frogging and starting again though, so make sure you read them first, but it is beautiful mind! As is your cardigan, appropriately named too! x

  23. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the color and fit :)


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