sea to sky

Highway 99 in British Columbia has a variety of other names but the area between Vancouver and Whistler, a stretch of around 100 km, is known as The Sea to Sky Highway. It truly is a trip to savour because, unlike most main roads, the views are out of this world. The senses are rewarded by a huge expanse of ocean with mountains beyond and a vast open sky that blend together so effortlessly. Up in that sky you will often see bald eagles soaring high up on the thermals and down on the sea, passenger ferries that, although we know are so huge, appear comically tiny against the impressive backdrop. You cannot fail to be inspired by such a feast for the eyes.

This hat came out of one such trip. A flock of seabirds soaring over an undulating sea, mountains ever present and majestic and it was on the verge of twilight when the last remnant of sunset glimmered on the water below.

The yarn is local to BC too. Lovely hand dyed Sweet Fiber, springy, beautifully coloured goodness that knits and blocks like a dream. More details here on Ravelry.

So yet again we are reeling from one of Millie Mittens disappearing acts, this time an all-nighter. Oh boy, did I had a fitful night last night, not to mention a pit in the stomach, wondering where on earth she could be this time. I have to say that despite the raised stress levels, searching for a lost pet is a great way to meet the local residents, several of whom insisted on searching with us last night. My hopes were still buoyant, though, because we know all about her tree climbing escapades, she may be great at going up .. but coming down is an entirely separate matter.  Sure enough, this morning I found her high up in a different set of branches, adamant as ever that she would not come down unaided. Hurrah for neighbours with extra long ladders. Early to bed tonight!

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Just as well you have some lovely calming views to keep you grounded (pardon the pun) when MM gopes climbing! Glad she is safely home again now. Love the hat.

  2. It sounds glorious (I would love to see an eagle in the wild) and your yarn choice perfectly reflects the colours of the sea and sky.

  3. What an amazing view Kate...stunning!
    The colour of your hat is just perfect and I love the flying seabirds all over it too! :)
    That Millie Mittens is a one, isn't she!! Cats may have 9 lives but they certainly take years off the life of us humans with their antics!
    V xxx

  4. Ms.Mittens is certainly trying your nerves Kate, she is keen on adventure and mischief it seems ;o) Pleased that she is home safe and sound. This post gives a beautiful description of the majesty of the land where you now live, how I would love to drive along that highway! Your hat is once again a true testament to your taste and skill, really beautiful, especially with your scarf for cosy outdoor days x

  5. What a gorgeous hat and inspired by such a gorgeous place! Glad your wee girl is home safe, x

  6. So glad to hear your girl is home safe. Your hat is stunning and of course looks beautiful on you.

  7. Oh, what a naughty kitty! I'm so glad she made it back safe and sound.

    You new hat is very pretty on you!

  8. so so pretty kate! oh dear kitty!

  9. such gorgeous skies, such a naughy kitty....................

  10. So glad you found her :)

    And wow, if that's the view I could travel that road all day!

    Love the hat!


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