imperfectly pink


Thank you so much for your sweet and encouraging comments on my feature in Homes & Antiques magazine, I'm still very excited and have probably bored a lot of people this weekend. No one has escaped! While I still haven't got round to sorting out holiday photos from our second week away, I thought I'd show you a dress I made for the Model a couple of days before we left.

You see, once I saw the temperature forecast for Italy I knew there was only one way to bring the body thermometer gauge down. Linen. And luckily I have plenty of that. A super quick dress was needed to keep the Model cool and with her teetering on the cusp of her pink phase I thought I had better get this one used up fairly pronto.

As soon as I had cut the fabric, though, I noticed its poor quality. A large, annoying flaw and a bit of discolouration at the shoulder to be precise. And, tut tut, rather than cutting another couple of pieces out I went ahead anyway but quickened the pace, now knowing that this dress ain't one for keeps. As I stitched away it occurred to me how good it is to have a dress to grub about in, to have not a care in the world, no worrying over rips, pulls or stains that might appear.

So all plans for a vintage broderie anglaise trim were abandoned and instead, the whole thing was kept perfectly simple. The Model and her friend ransacked the button tin to choose a glittery button, taken off and used for another project in the near future, I dare say ... and who knows what will become of the dress itself one day.

The pattern is the same as the one used here. It is such a lovely, simple one to sew and this version took me a mere couple of hours I reckon. I can't be too sure, though, because despite the children each having a friend to play, there were still a few interruptions .. sorting out the odd clash I seem to remember!

{strawberry and lemon sorbetti}

It seems those balmy evenings and raised temperatures are long since gone now but goodness, it was wonderful to get away from the rain!

Have a wonderful week, everyone. I'm off to check the 5-day forecast ..


  1. Like mummy, like daughter. This is too beautiful Kate, I love the idea of having a dress "to grub about in". I think I may very well have one or two of those myself! Such a lovely post and now I must close my eyes and think of sunshine and sorbetti! xox Penelope

  2. It is a lovely dress and very 'Harmony and Rosie' in style.
    I know what you mean about being relaxed about the dress and I suppose in a way enjoying it more because you are! I managed to spill bolognese sauce on a white linen top yesterday by being careful (thank goodness for bleach at times like these!!).
    That sorbet does look good. :)
    Ok weather here today again! :)
    Vivienne x

  3. It's a lovely dress, even more so that your daughter can grub around in it without worrying. I'd like a frock or two like that. For some reason I always save dresses for best. Silly really.

    I received my beautiful cotton towel from Urbanara a couple of days ago. I'm thrilled. I'll blog about it soon and link to you. Looking forward to beachy weather and using it (Winter here at the mo, of course)

  4. Linen always looks classy even when it is rumpled a little. Your pictures capture the heat and the romance of the moment. I love the simplicity of that little pink dress.

  5. It's great and nobody would ever know you'd done it so fast. I doubt if anyone else would notice the flaws either. Could be you have enough fabric there for a top later or if not then some table napkins perhaps? Or the lining for one of your lovely pouches or...? What a lucky girl Model is to have such a clever mummy.

  6. I'm sorry Kate; pink can never be imperfect! Especially when stitched by you. Beautiful dress and, I must add, beautiful daughter.

    The sorbet looks pretty lovely too...


  7. Hello kate, I love your dress styles for children,as they remind me of how I used to dress my daughter , when she was younger......
    so very pretty!
    My mum used to make all our clothes, like this, when we were younger too!
    I love clothes to be individual, why would we all want to wear the same!
    Wishing you a week of creativeness Kate and thank you for the kindest words over on mine...
    LoVe Maria x

  8. Lovely linen, such a simply beautiful dress and the colour is perfect....I do love pink!

    I'm dearly hoping that the weather is going to be sunnier as the rain is just so dreary and it makes everything better when the sun shines!

    Have a lovely week.x

  9. Year's ago I had a linen maternity dress in just that raspberry sorbet colour. So pretty! As is The Model in her lovely Mummy-made dress. Hope you get some sunshine for her to continue to be carefree in pink in :D

  10. I would love a dress like this to "muck" around in:) so glad you were able to give life to the linen.

    PS The model has great style. Lovely shots, especially the one in Viterbo!

  11. This dress looks so cool and lovely and just the thing for a hot Italian day. I think I would wear one myself.


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