reverting to winter

Oh, well this is just ridiculous. My heating has been back on, clothes are being retrieved from the winter wardrobe and we've brought out blankets to cosy up the bed that was stripped of its high tog duvet only weeks ago.

And as an act of defiance, yesterday I said ya boo to this weather and sewed wool again.

I had put away my vintage wools in favour of lighter, more summery fabrics but what the heck. A touch of vintage lace, a soup├žon of Liberty, an offering of natural dye left from my recent Tank et voila, a couple more purses. These are intended to go to the fair I mentioned a while ago, unless they get snapped up from here first.

Having said all that, as I look out of my window I can see bright, beautiful sunshine .. only my radio presenter tells me it'll be raining by mid afternoon, so talk about different seasons in a day. One good thing though. The hose pipe ban is being lifted tomorrow .. hmm, can't think why that would be now.

Enjoy your day, rain or shine.

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  1. these are such sweet little bags!the colors are so soft :)

  2. I also had my heating on yesterday and felt a little bit silly and a little bit guilty! Because the sun is out today, I am going into work wearing linen trousers and flip flops, I am snubbing my nose at this wintry weather even if I freeze!
    Your bag is very pretty, I love the lining. I wish I could sew!
    Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!

  3. Lovely purses. It's really bizarre the weather isn't it? We too have had heating on in the evenings and even lit the fire once or twice - June?!

  4. Lovely little purses Kate, the linings are so pretty!! :)
    It's grey here although it is warm, so no heat!! It would be nice to see some brightness though, this grey is very oppressive!
    Vivienne x

  5. Ha, great minds think alike, just written a similar post. What's up with the weather eh?! Lovely purses by the way. x

  6. This weather is just crazy! Although chucked the laundry on the line for now, must take advantage whilst its sunny.

    The purses are lovely!

  7. Hahaha Melbourne weather's exactly like that. You end up carrying extra layers everywhere XD Pretty pouches btw.

  8. Well, we had our share of cool/cold and rainy days in the past weeks, and now the temperature has risen to the sky. It's hellish hot...
    I just hope it doesn't get back getting cold again...

  9. Such lovely pouches....it is very chilly and wet here too! I have my woolies back on and and extra blanket! Hope you get some sun soon.

  10. Sounds as though there is a bit of similar weather going 'round. Was beautiful bright this morning, now come over all gray and heavy with threats of sopping.

    As always, I love your woolies! I am rather excited about your fair and can't wait to hear how it goes!


  11. Kate, lovely purses you`ve got there :o) Love the fabric combinations and lace as well.
    Have a nice day

  12. Verrrry pretty - love the little boxy corners!

  13. Your little purses are so lovely. Love the delicate lace against the textured fabric. You have a very nice blog, so happy to have found it.

  14. I think we are all getting heartily fed up with the weather - Its so difficult to know what to wear. Love your sewing. xxxx

  15. So pretty, as with everything you sew :D And golly yes, the weather, it's crazy. It's been beautifully sunny here this morning but the rain is coming, again!

  16. I love your use of lace....makes me want to sew cases myself.

  17. What an absolute delight your vintage lace and doilies are, together with some beautiful Liberty fabric, well who could complain? May I be so bold as to ask if you use a pure linen or a cotton/linen mix for the outside fabric? Love them xox Penelope

    1. Thank you and yes, you may be so bold. The outer fabrics are both vintage pure wool. Lovely and soft.
      Kate x

  18. Love your pretty little purses with the lace and Liberty...and soft wool is just the thing at the moment! I don't really mind the changeable weather as much as some do, but it makes packing for a week in the country rather difficult!
    Hope you get some sunshine this weekend.
    Helen x

  19. Blinking rain, rain...go AWAY! I really want to be outside, instead I am holed up feeling crochety and watching the weeds take over the garden, aaarghhhh!
    We had a wet week in Cornwall too with a few bright moments thrown in to keep us sweet!
    Lovely colour that wool of yours!

    Sarah -x-


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