caitlin dress

Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my wintery purse making. However, despite feeling decidedly chilly and having a need for all things cosy, I'm still dressmaking with Summer in mind.

I've already made similar versions of this dress for the Model, here, here and here and all the while secretly longing for one for myself. It's never a good idea to want to wear your daughter's clothing but it was only a matter of time before I made one up in a 'big girl' size. It's a simple sleeveless shift dress in beautiful, drapey, Irish linen. That explains yet another Irish name, just like the others in my shop. And with its subtle pastel blue background and darker blue and beige stripes running down the length, I'm loving it.

I nearly called this the Napoli dress because I shall be holidaying not so far from Naples this Summer and you can betcha I'll be taking this dress along with me. But 'Caitlin' it is and so it remains true to its provenance. And on the subject of holidays, have you made any plans yet or do you tend to leave it till the last minute .. like we usually do?

Well folks, that's me done for this week, I'm off to get myself ready to meet up with a few bloggy gals. One I already know but the others I've not met before, so I shall let you have all the gossip next week. If you don't hear from me by Tuesday, please send a search party!

Happy weekend, everyone.

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  1. Love the dress :D

    No holiday for us before September, and maybe not then, depends on Mr. K being able to get away from work.

    Have fun with the bloggy gals :D

  2. Round here you could have worn your lovely dress for an hour or two on Wednesday before resorting to the woollies.
    Have a lovely bloggy meet and enjoy your weekend.

  3. Beautiful! Hope you enjoy your bloggy meet up x

  4. Beautifully made Kate, the material is gorgeous too but then it is Irish linen. ;)
    You will look stunning wearing it in Naples (lucky you)!!!
    Well as you know we have had our holiday but I may just have booked a city break to Edinburgh at the end of August yesterday, by accident of course!!!
    Happy weekend Kate,
    Vivienne x

  5. Beautiful garment! I love the name too and it looks perfect on you. Holidaying around Naples, oh you are so lucky and I am so envious! I have been to Italy five times and can never get enough. Have fun at the party!

  6. I just came across your blog, it's lovely! This dress is great, I really like the look of the fabric x

    1. Hi Aimee, thanks so much for your compliments. I haven't found a way of contacting you so hopefully you'll see this message here.
      Kate x

  7. It looks so cool and comfortable. Southern Italy sounds like a lovely choice for a last minute holiday. I hope you have a wonderful time. T x

  8. Oh Kate, the drape of that fabric is lovely! Well done, it looks so comfortable and fresh, perfect for Naples and a stroll through the town. I am wanting to turn my Prairie dresses into a big version, just struggling with the sleeves. Wouldn't it be nice if you lived down the lane and we could get together over sewing conundrums and help each other out?! Yes, I'd like that a lot.

  9. Lovely dress Kate...I do love the beautiful fabrics and simple styles...Your dresses always look so wonderfully comfortable!
    Hope you have a great weekend,
    Susan x

  10. Hi, Kate! Your linen dress looks very cute! Love the Irish striped linen :o)
    Have a nice rest of the weekend

  11. Lovely dress Kate, and even more lovely to see you on friday!

  12. what pebbledash said! oooh Naples. lovely. cottage on the Yorkshire coast again for us, reminds me I must confirm the dates. x

  13. That dress is a real beauty; one which I would probably end up wearing day after day...

    Naples sounds fabulous. This year we will be borrowing my parents-in-law's house by the sea in southern Brittany. I cannot wait to see the sea again. We moved away three years form our coastal cottage and I think I will realise once I smell the saline air again how much I have been missing it.


  14. Dearest Kate
    Seeing your comment just reminded me o=that I meant to comment on this amazing (yet again) dress you have made. I love love love the linens you choose and the drape of all these fabrics is so natural and flowing. Some Saltwater sandals + Caitlin and you are away.... I love the simplicity of all your designs and would love it if you considered making a pattern for sale (sorry that might have been a bit cheeky!) I love that I have inspired you with my tea stained doilies, thank you, so kind. Hope you had good fun with bloggy gals, such a lovely idea. Oh and the Naples trip even lovelier! xox Penelope

  15. I think my use of the word "love" is a tad bit repetative in my comment, sorry...just overflowing enthusiasm!

  16. I love your dress ! And fabric is beautiful !


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